my story is a little strange.

my friend, when she sleeps over, likes to write on me because it's funny. one time she wrote' paper towns' on my back. i asked her what that was and she told me about the book. and then, coinsidentily, i found an abandoned copy in my school. i remembered that my friend wrote it on my back, so Ii opened it up. i read the cover on the inside(i don't know why, but i like to know about the auther before i read it) and it said'go to' so i did. TADA!

so what i want to know is how you found out about the nerdfighters.

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i was reading An Abundance of Katherines and on the back it advertised nerdfighters and i became on
I saw the book cover for paper towns ( wasn't a nerdfighter yet) and I thought it would be a good book to read. I get up to page 23 and a note falls out.
It says
"Hello nerdfighter! You have picked up the best book ever! Like this book? Check out these books "Looking for Alaska" and "An Abundance of Katherines". Also check out
Dftba- A fellow nerdfighter"

and that's how it happened
I often leave nerdfighter notes in any John Green book I come across in stores. I wonder if I've ever introduced anyone to nerdfighting because of it, I hope so!
Oh my god, where do you live? Because that's like the exact thing I write when I put notes in Paper Towns!
OMG this is amazing!
I was a fan of Molly aka sweetafton23 and she mentioned volgbrothers in a video so i decided to check them out. Never looked back.
I found one of Hanks videos I think, and then I decided to see if there was a forum, because I was sick of the Edible Castle forum.
I still go to EC though..
I started with the Salad Sister's "Yo Comments Are Whack," from there it was just a couple stops browsing to get to vlogbros, and then on the Nerdfighting.
A friend sent me the vid of the peep eating contest because my daughter is obsessed with peeps and now I am obsessed with the Green brothers...not really obsessed...well, kinda....
i was looking for people who hate twilight. one of the results was a nerdfighters discussion, and after looking around the site for awhile I decided to join.
I have an interesting story as well. I found it back in the very begining when they were still doing Brotherhood2.0. I was really excited about Scott Westerfeld and his Uglies series at the time. He had a new book coming out and I heard that there was a video of him reading an excerpt on YouTube. I was looking for the video of him and found the video 'A Day in the life of a Writer'. I watched the rest of the project with Hank ad John but never found the one with Scott Westerfeld. It was worth it:)
I've been a subscriber to their Youtube channel for months. I just decided to join here a few days ago. I'm still learning my way around. And, this looks fun. Wow, now one more way to spend my evenings. Oh no, now I'm really going to get sucked into internet land!


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