So this is something I put on the NaNoWriMo forums to help me with my plot but I really enjoyed reading the anwsers people gave so I decided to add a discussion here as well.

Basically I wanted to know how you and your best friend became friends? What did you think of each other when you first met? What caused you to be "pushed together"? How long did it take you to become best firends? And what was the thing that made you go from being good friends to best friends?

:) x

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My best friend, left call her Q, and I have known each other our entire lives. My grandmother and her grandmother where friends when mine was in high school and hers was in college. Q's mother was a teen mom (16) while my mother was married and 24. Q's grandmother was ashamed that her daughter was pregnant and Q's mother responded to this by rejecting her mother, moving away and being in a series of negative relationships all over the country. Whenever Q's mom would come back in town to see family our families would spend a lot of time together. I was the only child Q's age there and the only consistent friend (known for more than a year before she had to move) she had until she was 12.
She was always very touchy feely and I really hated that. She was loud and I was quiet and thoughful. She was a girly girl and I was a tom boy. We didn't get along at all until the summer before 8th grade. Q's mother had gotten married (for the 3rd time) and had left for a 2 month tour of Europe and Q came down to stay the summer with myself, my mother and her grandmother. We had to share a room and I hated it. I seperated the room with book shelves and wouldn't play games with her. We fought all the time. After a few weeks of this she walked into the room while I was playing Gauntlet Legends. She got really excited and I found out she was a gamer. As we played Gauntlet together I came to find that most of the things i hadn't liked about her were lies.
She was still loud and girly but I found that the dumb was just an act. For years she had been pretending to be someone she wasn't because she wanted me to like her. I love the real Q and I wouldn't have her change for anything. We still fight but now it's like sisters :)
I have 3 best friends, Ellie, Liz, and Nate. Here are our stories!! (law and order DUN DUN!)

Ellie- when I was four I was at my sister's tee ball game and I went up on a playground and yelled "Who else here is four and a half?!" and this girl started grinning and yelled "ME!! I AM!" and we've been best friends ever since... I'm far less outgoing in public now, though. XD

Liz- Liz is my cousin... we've always been really close. Even since I can remember we've always been completely inseperable. Recently we've bonded over the strangest things. She's epic and I love her!!!

Nate- Last year my friends and I all ate lunch together every day. I was sick for, like, two weeks and when I came back there was this guy who was always playing pokemon! Naturally I thought that he was close with all of my other friends, but he was really shy! I was curious to find out more about him, so I would talk to him and play pokemon with him. We eventually became really close friends and that's when I found out that he was only semi-close with my friend Joe and that I was the only person who he knew really well in our little group. Over the summer we became really great friends and we eat lunch together every day still :)
"Who else here is four and a half"

XD brilliant
My best friend took2 years to become my best friend. I met her in science class in 7th grade but we didn't become super close until half way through our 8th grade year. Then that summer I moved and dispite the distance I still talked to her almost everyday and we visited each other a few times. We just started talking during the classes we had together and we started walking together and sitting together at lunch.
My best friend-Cynthia- and I met when we were 9 going on 10 at school. I don't remember much because we weren't really close then, but I remember I used to hit her and she used to pull of my hair(but we were playing haha) So then, I believe it was the summer of 2007, she heard of this band called McFly and showed it to me and so we became a little obsessed and that obsession united us haha. We're best friends ever since and we still love the band.
On a chilly autumn day, about ten years ago, a boy was standing on the schoolyard playing game boy. Another boy walked up to him and said:

"You play Pokémon too?"

A phrase that sat in motion a series of events that would lead the odd couple of geeks on a journey through hell, earth and all the places in between :P

It's been a decade of tears, laughter and the occasional punching each other in the face. And video games, lots and lots of video games. How we stay together is beyond me, but somehow, despite my tendency to lose contact with every single one of my friends, he is always there when I need him (which is pretty much most of the time :P), and that's gotta count for something, right? :)
My best friend and I are not all that interesting, but my I met my ex-best friend Alice when she saved me from being questioned by the popular but mean girl on my first day at my new middle school. Our friendship was later cemented when I joined the math team and when I was in her super boring Spanish class.
Well my best friend, who is also my roomie, and I met because last year (freshman year) because I'd leave my door open and she would roam the halls looking for someone to talk to. So that led to us hanging out a lot which, led us to best friend-ship.

My boyfriend, whom I consider one of my best friends, and I met in a really weird way. Like, if we ever get married and have kids they'll either think it's awesome or think we're freaks. We met playing with Nerf guns at my school's Saturday night battle in the gym. Yup. Then I started hanging out with him because of mutual friends, and then he got annoyed with me for not having seen Star Wars, then we started hanging out more, then he kissed me, then he asked me out, and we've been together ever since. Like that sentence structure? I was writing a paper all afternoon then had to go watch a horrible movie, so I'm not in the mood to write all prettylike :p
I was in kindergarden when I met my best friend. We were in the art room watching a movie during recess because it was raining. and all the sudden I hear someone say 'hi i'm amanda' and I looked around to see who was talking but the lights were off so I couldn't see. To this day I don't know where she was in relation to me. so I just kept watching the movie and sia d' hello strange voice i'm sarah' the strange voice said ' lets e friends' and I said ' ok'
Her name is Jess. I was the counselor at a kids camp, kids ages 6-14. It was for horseback riding, and I liked the horses a lot more than the kids. I was 15, and she was 13, and absolutely terrified of the horses. The first time I met her, she was clinging to the saddle as if it was about to run away, and like I always do, I just tried to make small talk to make it less awkward. It was like pulling teeth getting her to tell me her name, her age, and where she went to school. Her obnoxious, overbearing mother was watching as if the child was in mortal peril. My thought was literally, "Okay, get through this ONE lesson, and I'll never have to interact with her again!"

The other teens and I would take our break in a back room that conveniently had an x-box. Sometimes Jess would sit in there with us and eat her lunch, because she never talked to the other kids. She didn't really say anything, she just watched us play Call Of Duty. I lived close by, and sometimes us teens would ditch to my house for a lunch break, and soon enough Jess started coming along. But of course, she had to phone her mother when she left the barn, when we got to my house, when we left my house, and when we got back. She was quite honestly a parasite, but we didn't have the heart to tell her to go away. She was just that annoying younger girl who we put up with because we worked from 9-5 at the camp, not by free will. She called me nearly every day that camp wasn't on, asking me to go ride with her. For the first few months I regretted ever giving her my number. In fact, I don't remember that I did! That was the summer her parents got divorced. One day we were sitting playing x-box, one teen started a complain-about-your-parents pity party, and Jess finally spilled her guts about how her father was leaving them, and he got a new girlfriend, and basically her whole homelife in a nutshell. And then she started talking with us, being one of us.

She had become such a fixture in my house so quickly, I decided to buy her a present that Christmas, nevermind that she's Jewish! I think that was the first friendly thing I ever did to her. Fast forward to the next summer, she's borrowing my underwear after we went skinny dipping in my pool. :P We were both homeschooled, and there eventually came a point where she would sleep over at my house more often than not. There wasn't really a defining point beyond that, where we became "best" friends. I was just her best friend by process of elimination, and she started growing on me. (I believe the first time I realized she had become my best friend was when she hadn't spent the night, but I woke up to find her on my floor. Apparently her mother dropped her off, and she came in through the doggie door and went back to sleep. Never bothering to inform me of this.) I can remember though, where there were a few times I'd get a random sobbing call at midnight, asking if she could come over because her parents were fighting. She'd come over and I'd snuggle with her under a blanket and shove ice cream that she didn't like at her. Really she just went from parasite to live-in bestie before I realized it. Soon enough the 3 am phone calls went both ways, and because neither of us had a lot of other friends we kind of became each other's everything.

Now I'm 18 and she's 16. Half of her belongings are in my room, I have a bunk bed even though I'm an only child just for her, and we sound like somehwere between sisters and lovers... which is basically accurate. ;)
I met my best friend when I was about three months old at a hospital when my mum joined a mother's group. Although we knew eachother we were only really friends at that stage. In grade four she moved to my school but was in the year level above me so we didn't hang out that much. When I was in grade four (she was in grade five) I got bullied at school and had a really tough time, I ended up skipping a grade to get away from the girl and she just kinda supported me through it. The coolest thing about her is that she has always been different to all the other kids, it was so brilliant because she was always introducing me to new things and forcing me out of my comfort zone (I was really shy as a little kid). We used to have the best adventures, we were almost dangerous together because of these brilliant plans we would come up with. Even today we still always seem to have far too much ridiculous fun than you are meant to have at the age of 16 (although I will argue you are never too old for pillow forts).
My best friend Becca and I went to school together since I was in second grade and she was in third, but we were never really close. In junior high, we were both on the soccer team, and all the other girls were clique-y and annoying. We bonded through fighting in epic battles of "mercy" from which she left with bruises and I left with scars and cuts from her amazingly long and strong nails. We didn't go to high school together, but because of a teen club we were in charge of and other similar (and usually nerdy) interests, we became closer through that time...borderline inseparable at some points. Now in college I see her at the very least once a week even though we live about an hour apart.


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