So how were all of you guys introduced to Doctor Who?

When was the first time you heard of it? When did you start watching? What was your initial reaction? How confused were you at first? :)

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I was around Two years old... my sister introduced me... grew up watching the reruns on PBS

Their were reruns of doctor who on PBS?!!?!? i feel ashamed that i've never seen it on pbs, which i practically grew up on...

Chameleon Circuit inspired me to start watching the show,. 

Also, continuing, I watched the first episodes online and I just immediately fell in love with it. I knew Charlie (issocoollike) had been a fan of it forever and he said a lot of people really didn't like it at first, but see, I watched Sherlock (yes, all 6 entire episodes) and was already accustomed to this Moffatical trolling and concurrently, the ones that Moffat wrote in the first season, The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances were my most favourite episodes, And I just have no criticisms for this show (well, yet. I'm only just making my way through it). I'm absolutely in love. Just like I was and still am with Sherlock. 

Me too!! lol I started watching the most current seasons and now I'm watching older ones and I really love it

Ahh charlieissocoolike is the bomb

I had a friend who watched it all the time. It took a few episodes to get past the cheesy visuals, but then I was hooked. I didn't start watching it 'live' until series 5 though, the rest was through netflix. Now I'm fully obsessed. ;-)

My story (well the entire story) is long, but here it goes:

When I was about 10 my mom gave my dad a DVD of the episode "The Five Doctors" for his birthday as he watched DW many, many years ago before the days of satellite TV when they could only get 3 channels. So I started to watch the episode with my dad, but I quickly got confused and left as I couldn't figure out whether the Doctors were all one person or if they were different people who were all Doctors.

It wasn't until the begining of last year while I was going through a very short lived Star Trek phase that I heard of Doctor Who again. I was talking about Star Trek to my mom (which ironically, she is not a nerdtastic person, and sci-fi stuff is definitely not her thing) and she said that her siblings used to watch Star Trek and Doctor Who when they were kids. She then told me that I should watch Doctor Who and that I would probably like it better than Star Trek. Well as I mentioned the Star Trek phase was extremely short lived and several months later I was trying to figure out something new to geek out about. And I remembered what my mom said about DW. I knew that Doctor Who had been around for decades and so I looked up online what episode I should watch first and pretty much every thing told me to watch "Rose."

So I decided to watch "Rose" online, and to tell you the truth, for the first 5 minutes, I didn't like it. I had not the slightest idea what DW was about or who the Doctor was. I sat there confused, thinking how stupid and cheesy this show was but decided that I had to watch the entire episode before I judged. It wasn't until the Doctor said, "Nice to meet you Rose, now run for your life!" that I realized how awesomely cool & dorktastic the Doctor is, and that I decided I liked the show. But for the rest of the episode I had to refer back to the Doctor Who wikipedia page every 10 seconds, because man, Doctor Who can be really confusing! I was hooked from then on after. After watching "Rose", I watched a few more of the Eccleston episodes online, and then I started to watch the Matt Smith episodes on BBC America, and then, well, the rest is history...

And that is the very long and confusing story of how I was introduced to Doctor Who and all of you lovely people! :)

You skipped David Tennant? Sad face.


haha me too

well i've mentioned some of this before, but... don't remember, i was probably very young.  i caught parts of those PBS episodes growning up, with mixed reactions, as i really didn't know what was going on.  i know a few people around the interents who were around for the 05 series relaunch with Rose but i'm not one of them.  a couple years ago though, since i actually have BBC America, i stumbled across the episode Blink i was actually delightfully confused by this episode, and needless to say, got hooked... pos because rather than despite the fact that it sort of exists on its own.  looked the show up online and practically inhaled the show from the beginning (of the relaunched/ new series)


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