I'm just curious about this because many people talk about how they read 4-7 books a week. That baffles me. I spend around 2 hours a day reading a book, and I only get done with 2-4 books (4 if I'm spending more than 2 hours a day) a week. How much time do you spend off in never neverland?

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Hmm... so I would have to like double my time spent reading. Hmmmm...
It depends on if I have a bunch of new books to read or not...or if I'm in a re-reading mood. I read more books at a faster rate if I have new books that I really like. but If i'm just re-reading them, then I don't read them as fast. Overall, I'd say about 2-4 hours a day. unless I have a new book that I'm really excited to read and can't put down. Those I usually just blow through in a day. I miss sleep but that's usually what I do.
I do the same. If it's new, and it's good, I devour them. But after the second time, I'll peel it apart and actually digest it.
I love how you described that...
on week ends I can read a lot, like 1-3 books depending on length, I can just sit and read for hours if the book is good.
during the week I don't get much time, so sometimes it can take me ages to finish a book if I'm busy on weekends, which at this time of year I am *sigh* I don't get how people can read 4 - 7 books in a week.

I maybe read for 2 hours on the days that I do read.
My hero.
I wish I could read outside! But here in Vegas, if the temperature is decent,the wind nearly tears apart the pages! And my nerves.
I have to finish any book I read the night I start reading it so how ever long it takes. took me like six hours to read paper towns.
I get at lest 2 hours a day while I'm transiting to and from school ... and then any extra amount after that varies depending on homework levels or if I have work or if I'm really tired before I go to bed. So it could be anywhere from 2-5 hours a day ... usually 2-3 hours though.
About five to seven hours. I read all the way through my time at school in order to make the experience less boring.
I mainly read on the train to and from work, about 1,5 hrs a day - but if I'm completely hooked on a book I'll stay up way too late reading it at home, too.
Now that I've moved away from home and go to university I have no time left to read. But before this I usually read... all the time? I allways had a book in my hand at least.


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