Seriously, how was it.
I'm really asking how your day was.
You can go into as much or as little detail as you want.

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that's probably the best advice ever.
My Day, the two ‘y’s in those words have just made me happy, I am amused by trivial things. This will be long.

I was woken at 6:45 by my lovely mother, she came in again at 6:50, then at 6:55 she came in and yelled at me to get up. 7:00 imposed her wretched self upon the world as did my horrible mother when she pulled the blankets off me. I haphazardly climbed down the ladder on my loft bed, wishing I could have a mattress on the ground. The air was significantly cooler than my bed so soon after sitting down to eat breakfast I started shivering. In need of a dressing gown I wasted precious minutes to grab mine from my room. After staring at my plate for 5 minutes I decided I didn’t need to eat the toast and picked off the bacon and tomato. To avoid my mother noticing I ran outside and threw it to the chickens. At 7:17 my mum came to the kitchen and told me to get dressed. I put on the clothes I picked out last night and then went to brush my teeth. Then I crazily applied my makeup, and at 7:30 ran out the door, jumped in the car and drove to the train station.

I caught the train (4 minutes late) with a friend. On the way we picked up more friends and more commuters. By the time I got to the city breathing was a problem. I was late to school but managed to sneak into P.E. and got 6.1 on the beep test.
¬(I cant be bothered typing anymore, if you want to know more ask me I will tell you but I don’t think anyone will read this anyhow and my words are just being wasted, spewed out into the vacuum that is the internet.)
Haha, I like spewing words into the vacuum that is the internet.
did i ever tell you Noelle?
that you are very awsome?
Hahaha the duct tape ...
Well today we had a non uniform day at school so it was great. I like the feeling of not being constrained and worried about what i'm wearing It was one charged full of energy as everyone was buzzing about. We celebrated Valentine's early as we wanted to sell stuff for charity before half term vacation. I also spent some fun time after school with Hadas just talking about everything. It was a good day even though I was and am pretty sick.
Ordinary. Not as exciting as some of the other people here, though.

Went to school, lay down on some benches to talk to a friend for half an hour. Slept through a bio lecture, tried not to get lost in the chem lecture. Went to library in an attempt to finish math homework, but read a gaiman/ mckean graphic novel for a while. And then I visited FCT who was doing her homework in the library--she lent me her ipod shuffle, and I listened to the Arctic Monkeys and If You Were Gay.

Met GR and her new friend, debated about the merits of joining the astronomy club in school. Had an extended lunch with GR, chatting about the education system. Went back to library to find FCT and new friend still talking... about boys and the One Thing they have on their minds. New Friend was a boy, by the way, and I attempted to vehemently argue that "all boys want is sex" was an unqualified generalisation.

Finally attended talk I was staying back all day for, went home, and ate too much dinner. Went for tuition, and the tutor was slow and longwinded as usual. Finished 40mins later than intended; it finally finished at 10.15pm.

Parent/teacher review day.

Just, not fun.
Today I had a royally boring day, but it was one full of contentment.

Yesterday I fell asleep at like 8:30. I woke up at 9:30 am. SLEEEEP. I was greeted with 20 missed calls and 18 text messages.

I was supposed to be at a field trip. I went to the field trip and met up with all the slackers who were also late. Instead of waiting in the cold to get into the museum, we decided to sit around in the cold park for the rest of the day.

We did a whole lot of nothing, just chatted with my park peoples. A friend of mine has a semi crush on a guy there. She didn't know if someone else had told him even though we all know that he, of course likes her back, awkwardness ensued. It sounds so lovely and juvenile when you don't consider that semi crush is a semi drug dealer and really only wants to get in her pants. No one cares, least of all my friend.

If I dealt drugs I'd be constantly weary of those around me. You'd never know who genuinely liked you and who just wanted cheap drugs. I guess one would also have to consider that some people genuinely like you AND they like cheap drugs too. Ay, there's the rub!

A friend of mine has cancer. Somehow no one really cares. He'll live for another six months. He'll die. He got married yesterday. It's sad, but tears aren't shed. Such is life. I'll always remember him, I guess.

We wandered and sat and wandered some more. Of the three of us out, 2 of us are comfortable loafing and doing nothing but the 3rd always wants to be doing something. It was getting wearisome. CHILL. But I get it. No hate.

Eventually it started to rain so i went to work like 30 minutes early just to get out of the rain.

I walked through the park, sans umbrella in the pouring rain. I thought about a lot of things when I was walking and I didn't even realize that I should feel embarrassed. I looked like I had walked into a shower wearing all my clothes. On the way there, saw some people I knew skating in that little inlet of concrete in the park where people skate. I waved. I wanted to go say hi but I didn't at the same time. They were talking about how they needed a place to go--it was raining.

The rain forces people to want a place to go. I often find myself outside when it is raining. I suppose the universe is trying to tell me something.

I got to leave work an hour early.

Today was a day of nothings. I want to leave this place. I need a new discovery. You can only be proud of the back of your hand for so long. So it goes, so it goes.

I forgot to mention, I totally burned my palm today on a lighter. It's really faint and I didn't notice until a few hours ago but burnt nonetheless. annooyyying. I blame the wind. Boo on the wind.
i thought about it and appearantly it was very uneventful cause i cant find anything worth mentioning except that i got hit in the stomach with a football in gym by some jock who threw the ball directly at my stomach and im incapable of catching things so i didnt even try to stop it and lets just say it hurt pretty bad but it was funny
Today was pretty awesome!
I woke up to several inches of snow, and school was cancelled, so once my friends stopped calling and texting me in excitement about the snow, I went back to bed and slept until 9:30. Then I went out and played in the snow all morning, came in, took a shower, ate lunch, watched an episode of The Twilight Zone, and spent the afternoon writing, editing my videos of the snow, and hanging out on BlogTV as Hank recorded a new song in the studio.
Also, I just now went back to my NaNoWriMo after several months to try and pick up the loose ends and find out where I could go with it, and everything just eventually fell into place. I've been changing things and taking notes about character relationships and plots for over an hour, and it's going so much better.
Woke up way early.
Remembered that it was Free Hugs Day.
Got a friend to tape a sign on my back.
Recieved about one hundred otherwise unsolicited hugs.
Not excited about a Valentines-less Valentines day tomorrow.
Am excited about spending time with my transient dad tomorrow.
Am excited about play practice, in which I'm stage managing people twice my age.

And miles to go before I sleep,
and miles to go before I sleep.


How was your day?


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