Seriously, how was it.
I'm really asking how your day was.
You can go into as much or as little detail as you want.

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Well, I forced my self to finish reading Twilight and it was ok. I was really only reading it because my friends have been trying to get me to read it for the past year and I was tired of saying no(it had nothing to so with John Green saying it was a fun read on PotterCast*shifty eyes* ok it did)and I was somewhat interested. I'm really just glad I'm done with it so I can move on considering I still have 40 books to read this year. I went to work at 1pm and I don't usually work fridays but my boss asked me to because of the Valentine's Day rush was going to be insane(and it was). Work was physically and emotionally draining but its over now and all I have to look forward to is doing it all over again tomorrow. Oh, did I mention I have an ear infection? Yeah, so not only was I working and sweating like crazy but my ear was/is also causing me great pain.
Today was okay.
I woke up, took a shower, walked to school, slipped into class. In U.S. History we watched a video about slavery. I half-slept through it because I was up until 2 last night doing homework. :P Then I went to English. We had a test on the drama of Anne Frank, which I probably didn't study enough for. Then Spanish, then P.E. Then lunch, where I talked to my amazingly awesome friend and escaped from our less-awesome friends. Then algebra, in which I barely paid any attention at all because I was so tired. Then stupid science, where I turned in my stupid homework, and we got assigned another stupid huge physics project that's due at the end of March. Then orchestra, where we got our seating results back and I placed 2nd in the cello section :D Which was probably the happiest part of my day because it was really unexpected. After school my annoying friend complained to me about her stupid dilemmas that she makes too big a deal out of and tried to get me to get braces and pried into my personal issues such as my stupid disease. I walked home, and then got a ride to the doctor's, where I had blood drawn so these doctors can diagnose me with previously mentioned stupid disease. Then I came back and spent an unhealthy amount of time on the computer. Then my mom came home and we had dinner and I did homework. Yay. Boringest day ever.
Wow... this sounds really pessimistic. XD Ah well. Sorry if you actually read that whole thing. XD
Lovely =)
I got to see one of my very best friends, and we sat on my couch watching youtube.
I got to talk to one of my other very best friends, and he made fun of me for using capslock too much while texting
I remade all my Harry Potter sims
I finally broke my 3 months writers block
I got to eat Taco Bell, and go to Starbucks, and my mommy bought me salt and vineager potato chips
Today, I had plans to go to the AWESOME giant pillow fight they have very year on Valentines Day.

However, I don't think that's going to happen because I went to sleep yesterday at like 00:22 and I woke up at like 12:04. Reasonable. But then I fell asleep again. Not reasonable. I woke up briefly, went on the computer trying to wake up but my lack of energy was too confrontational. 5 minutes ago at 18:20 I awoke again, and I'm currently eating some soup. I guess I'll go for a walk. I've slept for like 18 hours. I'll probably find my self exhausted in the next 3 hours. I think I'll end up sleeping 20 hours of the last 24 hour period.

Too much sleep, but I can't get enough. My body is in turmoil, so it goes, so it goes.
Man, I actually really love hearing about people's days. I've been surrounded by fellow nerdfighters for months now, but I don't actually KNOW any of you very well.

My day was perfectly normal. Woke up at 7, went to musical rehersal - Les Miserables, I'm a Prostitute [Whore # 1]. We flailed around like we normally do, decided to eat lunch in the pit in celebration of Anti-Vday, covered our coreographer in confetti.

Finished my navigation research [I'm teaching a workshop on Monday for my high school - SCARY], started my scholarship article about the Brig Niagara, which is my second home. Called into question the ideology of class.

Went on an hour ride to pick up my dad's '82 BMW Motorcycle from where it was getting fixed - rode home on the back of it feeling like a snowman in all my layers. Very cold, VERY fun.

Got pizza from my favorite, Good Neighbor Pizza, where we get it every single Saturday night, same order - two large takeout pizzas, one peperroni, one mushroom. Talked to Steve [the owner] for a while while he was making them. Ate said pizza with my parents. Watched Back to the Future with my parents [GO MICHAEL J FOX!] Danced for a while to Huey Luis and the News.

Now I'm waiting for my brother to call and say he's done with his indoor drumline competition so I can go pick him up! =] A lovely, lovely day.
Huey Lewis and the News!

Challa. What?
I had my first MRI today. Other than that, my day was average, which means suckish.
did you fall asleep?
i always do that...
I would've if that machine wasn't screeching all around me. It sounded like it wanted to eat me. Plus I was terrified that I was going to sneeze.
haha. once i started to cough in there. it was so awkward cause you can't really hold back a cough but at the same time your not supposed to be moving and the doctor on the other side of the screen is like "Please hold as still as possible..."
usually i just sing songs in my head to the bumps and noises the machine makes. at least it passes the time. :)
Yeah, they gave me headphones to listen to music, but they had a very limited selection, so I picked a random guy and it turned out he sang in some foreign language. But it still didn't drown out the beeping. So I pretended the machine was saying the same words over really fast. It took forever.
guys, this is my diary. Just letting you know. I will go on forever. See: my last entry. That was really boring. It was about me sleeping,

Okay, so today I went to the insect zoo for workings. I got there and did the usual, everything was uneventful. I was cleaning the aquatics and I spilled a shit load of water on the floor by accident though. I almost forgot to put the declor in with the water beetles and co. My friend Maude, the Chilean Rose Tarantula, decided today was a good day to stand on the ceiling. I'm cool with that. I thought one of the giant wood roaches was dead so i reached in to get it. It wasn't dead, but I thought it was dying so I kept holding it. Then, he was like, "WHATCHU DOIN' I AIN'T DEAD," and mega tried to fly away but this bitch's wings were busted. I felt bad for him, I think he got in some kinda gnarly fight or something. I made a note in the book that maybe their misting level should be increased for better health.

The dude wearing the kilt came in AGAIN. He's always there. He has the most adorable kids though. His daughter's hair is such a sweet color of red. His boy loves scorpions and I had literally just put the scorpion out again like 5 minutes before they walked in. I took out a scorpion specimen, a whip scorpion specimen, and a tailless whip scorpion specimen last time because I had nothing better to do and he was great. Oh, did I mention that Kilt man wears an awesome kilt every day of his life. He dresses like Sherlock Holmes if Sherlock Holmes wore a motherfucking kilt.

Lunch time. I take giant lunches because my job is easy and I dgaf. However, it was royally freezing today and, you know what that means, time for a walk on the beach which still isn't totally empty because people always be jogging and tourists always be oggling.

Guys, I was walking to the beach, right? Right? And I cross the street, right? Right? I'm walking through these houses, right? Right? Then I look on the stoop of this one house and I see a friend of mine, what? WHAT?

Like I said, It's cold as fuck, and my friend is sitting on the stairs smoking a cigarette wearing shorts, a tank top, and slippers.

"What are you doing out here?"
"Well, I decided I should have a smoke becuase.."
"Lady, What are you doing, aren't you freezing your ass off."
"It's kinda chilly."
"Okay, but what are you doing out here?"
"I told you, I'm having a smoke."
"You live like an hour bus ride thattaway...what are you doing here?"
*looks around*"Wait, what? Noelle, WHAT?"
"This is no laughing matter, Noelle Teresa, I'm puzzled as to where I am."

We went on like that for a while, I walked her back to the zoo with me so she could warm up. She wasn't even wearing her own clothes. Is it wrong that I find the entire situation grossly hilarious? When revisiting the discovery and following conversation it all seems rather pathetic and text book trainwreck, but I revel in this shit. I'm more positive these days I suppose.

We always discover each other on the street, my friend and I. We have built in radars for one another. If I had a dollar for every time she saved my ass, I'd have a decent amount of cash.

I'm tired of writing.


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