Hello Nerdfighteria. I am a kid in highshcool and its that time of year again. Prom Date asking time. I was wondering how you guys would sugest me to ask a girl out. I have very little money. By that I mean at most 3 dollars. Please give me some ideas.

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As a girl who has been asked to prom, I can say that I agree with the previous comment. When my date asked me (we weren't a couple just friends) there were no candles or fancy dinners or anything. We were just hanging out and having fun as we always did and then he asked me. It was sweet and genuine and that's what made it special. I would suggest if you have a girl who your really want to ask just ask her. It could be at school between classes or when you are hanging out with her (but do ask her in person or at the very least over the phone, don't ask her via text) it really doesn't matter. As far as cheap dates go there is always a school play or other function they are often inexpensive.

All I can say is don't over think it, its ok to be nervous but don't let that stop you! Good luck :)

Outdoorsy stuff is good for cheap dates.  Going for a picnic someplace pretty or (since it's winter) going sledding or something like that if you live someplace with snow.  Packing some homemade food makes you look thoughtful and is easy on the wallet at the same time.


Or do you mean you were going to spend money on asking out the girl?  Like a note in chocolates or something?  If so, save your money and just ask her.  You're not proposing marriage, no need to set up anything elaborate.

So, since I'm a girl, albeit I'm a 20 year old girl but still I can get in touch with my high school self. Asking someone to prom doesn't have to be this grand affair. Chances are, she'll be thrilled just to be asked. If you know her and hang out with her regularly, then gauge her personality. If she's a pretty low key person, then perhaps asking her straight up would be the way to go. If you think she may enjoy letting people know she was asked to prom, because honestly, unless she's super shy/antisocial, most girls like for other girls to know they were asked to prom. Prom is almost like a competition for girls, like who will have a date and who won't. It's a girl thing. Anyway, if she enjoys being the center of attention, has a lot of girl friends, etc. consider asking her to prom at school.

Something simple that any non-douchy girl should enjoy is a rose taped to her locker and note that says "Will You Go To Prom With Me?" Bump up the anty by learning how to make paper roses out of regular paper. That shows you put a lot of effort into it (because I've tried to make those paper roses and dang they're difficult to make!) 

Another cute way to ask her would be doing a variation on the whole "Do you like me? Check yes or no" note. Instead of "Do you like me?" Put "Will you go to prom with me? Check yes or no" and either pass it to her during class or slip it in her locker. It's more low-key so if the attention drawing "rose" idea freaks her out or embarrasses her, the note shouldn't. It's also something that she can show to her girl friends and they can flip out and squee about.

Thanks you guys You have all been helpful.I was glad I got some ideas from this more then the whole "Oh it doesn't matter what you do cause of blah blah blah" that EVERYONE SAYS. I came here for some Nerdfighterian ideas to attack an everyday problem

Something really cute that one of my friends did was that they put a note on her locker with a piece of chocolate on it which said "look in your chem textbook" or something like that. There was another note and another chocolate in her chem textbook and she had to follow some notes around until she got to one that asked her to prom.

Granted, this was because our school had a contest in which the most elaborate prom asker got free tickets (which was like an 80 dollar value), and I don't think anything THAT elaborate is necessary, but it was really cute. Another one of my friends did a similar thing but with pieces of string that she had to follow throughout the school and then he was standing there with some roses.

Take a note from mine XD (It's right near you in the forums), there are a lot of elaborate gestures that don't involve being crazy rich or anything. A decent Promposal (meaning something other than "Will you go to prom with me?") can be.

A) Use a talent that you have to ask her: eg. I am writing her a song, learning to play guitar in order to preform it, and getting pictures of nerdfighters asking her for me. I am making a video that I am going to show her when I am with her in order to ask her. It's easy and only as public as you wanna make it.

B) A creative way of simply proposing the idea. Eg. PROM? Written in sticky notes, down her locker. It's a win.


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