HPAFTW - Take 30 seconds of your life to help The HP Alliance win $250,000!

Nerdfighters! Hey!


I have an important mission for you! Like, super duper ultra ourageously important mission.


I'm a member of this really awesome organization called The HP Alliance. If you've followed John and Hank on Twitter, YouTube and whatnot, I'm pretty sure you've heard of it. If not? Wakey-wakey :-) 

So, the HPA is currently participating in a voting competition called Chase Community Giving, together with 500,000 other non-profits. The winner will win no more than $250,000! And the HPA have big plans for how this money will be used. You can read more about that, and also what you can do to get more involved here.

We are now maintaining a solid second place, but we need all help we can to be first. It only takes 30 seconds for you to vote! 30 seconds that undoubtedly will improve a million more. All you have to do is the following:


1.) Go to click “Get Started” and “Like” the Facebook app, then vote (green button, top right)!
2.) Click the green button “Share with Friends” and post it to your feed to spread the word.
3.) After you vote click here to tweet automatically.


4.) Contact 5 friends of yours, and tell them to vote too! It is of the utmost importance that we gain as many votes as possible!

5.) Post a comment here in this thread to let everyone else know you voted. :-)


Remember that this is for a great cause! Your vote = more galleons than you can possibly count! HPA For the win :-)




P.S If I were you, I'd check out Senior Staff member Kate Looby's blog post about HPAFTW here ;-)

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thank you
Really? That's awesome!

Actually: that is a kind of ingenious way of getting votes ;-)
Are you a Slytherin? :P
That really IS a great idea! Going in omegle now...
A friend of mine might be in this with a charity she runs, if she isn't though I'll through my vote in for HPA.
you can vote for up to 20 different organizations
Done :)
I voted =D
i voted!
Voting done.
I voted and shared!
Woohoo! Keep up the wonderful work everyone :)

And we're not in first place anymore... please, please, please tell your friends and family to vote!


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