I disparately need your help, Nerdfighteria! Ending world suck may be at risk!

First I want to say thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm a new nerdfighter and I'm astounded by the awesome power of Nerdfighteria to end world suck. My home state of Alabama is about to receive a massive load of suck in the coming months and I need your help to fight it. 

A new bill called HB 56 (658 for the revised version) is in the works that will (among many things) criminalize citizens for helping illegal immigrants like giving them food and shelter after disasters, legalize racial profiling, and force children to provide the immigration status of their parents at school. 

Beyond the differing opinions we may have about how to deal with immigration, I think it is quite widely known that a state does not have the authority to make laws like this. The Feds also agree and have sued the state for over stepping it's boundaries. 

I'm not very creative when it comes to movements or causes and I don't have a fancy website or petition page to send you to, but there is a rally this Sunday (May 27th, 2012) on Capitol Hill in Montgomery, Alabama at 3:00pm. If you can make it, please come! Also, if you find petitions that are against this bill please sign them. You can also email Governor Bentley here even if you are not a citizen of Alabama. It still helps!

I will be sending emails to John and Hank, and posting reply videos as well. I will also be updating this forum everyday with new links and information and I will also reply to comments and questions the best I can. I have also posted my email and three links below for more more information. 

Thank you and DFTBA,



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oxoxoxo  Love from Australia, land where racial profiling is constitutionally valid (for the time being)



Hopefully, the Federal will take care of it, but either way... Massive suck. :( I'd be there if I could! Unfortunately, I'm a Midwesterner. Good luck!

That sucks.... I wish I could help but I am stuck in Michigan. I hope that it doesn't pass because once one state can do it others might follow. Than I might seriously consider moving back to Europe. Hope the rally went well 


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