I feel it's time for a cliché. Show me a picture of your desktop background!

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I just made this one because I was tired of looking at the giant spirit-hydra that used to be my background. I replaced it with soothing scenery. . .and a random picture of John Darnielle holding a pig.
Repeat threads FTW!
Just because it's you . :)

Nerdfightasitc! :D

Yay, I'm special :)

I have entirely too many folders of things I've downloaded. It's about time for a major cleanup
Yes, yes it is.
Ooh, pretty :)
I spy Peggle! That's an awesome game I must say.
I personally cannot figure out how to do this... but I just wanted to say how I find it comical that everyone has the little link on the bottom of their desktop that says "I feel it's time for a cli... ."
It made me lol.
I don't. I made the picture I used myself, so mine is little link free :)
Yes, I noticed. Observation skills FTW!
I did that, but then how do you get it here?


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