I feel it's time for a cliché. Show me a picture of your desktop background!

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Indeed lol.
I made this after I saw the Sorcerer's Apprentice. It's my favorite actor and my favorite Mickey xD

I wish this was real
My boyfriend made this LOLbunny for me during one of our classes.

We're university students.

(Sorry if it's GINORMOUS, I don't know how to change it...)
I have my desktop on a slideshow, set to change every five minutes (it's... to tell me when I get energy refills on Frontierville, okay?), and this is one of my favourites.

That's so damn cute!

This background makes me smile.
It made me smile too :).
~hey dragon, you don't got to do this. let's evaluate our options and put away our old presumptions. 'cause really, we don't want to go through this. I'm really not that special boy who lived is only flesh and bone. the truth is that i'm pretty useless without friends. infact I am alone, just like now, anyhow. I spend my time at school trying to be this cool guy; I never even asked for. I don't know spells but still manage to do well. there's only so long that can last for. I'm living off the glory of a stupid childrens story that I had nothing to do with. just sat there and got lucky, so level with me buddy. I can't defeat thee, so please don't eat me~

oh AVPM, how I love you so :)
AVPM and Supernatural within in two posts??? those are two of my favorite things ever!! :D
this is why I love nerdfighteria. you people are fantastic :)

Two plays on my icon. I love my own designs far too much.


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