I have no REAL nerdfighter friends that i know of around me!

=( Yes, I have friends that watch the videos but none of them are nerfighters....I live in Orange County New York sooooo no nerdfighters here =( any nerdfighters here?

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I live there too (I'm in Newburgh)!!! And I know absolutely zero nerdfighters in this area until now, even though I've been trying to recruit them via my job at the library and a plan involving a bunch of sticky notes expertly placed in all of the John Green books.
Update: I just found there was another nerdfighter in my school all along! Which is incredibly awesome!
Same. I live in the UK, so i guess it would be harder to find them around. At least we still got the nerdfighters online though?

Same problem... I imagine I' probably the only Glaswegian nerdfighter...!

Me either, I live in Canada, and i've tried to convert my friends, but they just don't understand it. >:[
I have the same exact problem! My friends don't understand nerdfighters at all. rawr. <_/body>
yea, mine are all like "go do your nerdy thing" when they refer to Nerdfighters,
The problem is, I dont see any of my friends getting into it, we are all awesome and nerdy but I think they would of had to be in it from the beginning to really get into it.
Well I didn't either so I told a few people about it and now they are nerdfighters. So think about someoone who might be interested then tell them about it.
I've told some friends about Nerdfighteria... only one, my best friend, has really gotten into it, but the rest at least humor me. But besides the people I've told about it, I don't know of any Nerdfighters in my area.
I'm living in Austria, guess there are like 3 nerdfighters in this whole country!? Although on my first day on the forums here I met a fellow Austrian nerdfighter, that was pretty amazing, I mean - what are the odds? :D
I live in Wisconsin, and there's one other Nerdfighter in my town, besides my mother and sister. I don't know her at all, though. I try to tell my friends, but they don't get it. They'd all much rather be playing football or basketball than reading or thinking deeply. I'm looking for more people around here, too.


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