I just finished watching BH2.0 from the 1st to the duet, who else came late and did the journey?

It's astonishing. But who else did that journey retrospectively?

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I literally just finished doing this as well. I found one video, and was so intrigued by the idea I went back and watched not just BH2.0 but every vlogbrothers video in chronological order. It was so incredibly fascinating to watch the way that something so simple was able to grow and form into such a monumental thing. 

Also, can I just add it was funny to watch the newest videos and then go back and watch the premiere again, to see how dramatically they've changed. And how much infinitely faster they can talk, lol. 

I came in 2008 if that counts as late?

Heilerin, I think you were early by comparison.

I started with a few vlogbrothers links sent from a mutual friend earlier this year, so I watched the video change.

But it's the enthusiasm and positiveness that seems to infect.  

Artemis, I've picked up in January '08 and will continue in the same vein.

My only concern is that I'm English and soon I'm going to be saying 'cell phone' and 'couch' or 'visit with', which is likely to cause consternation here.


Haha, there are tons of nerdfighters who have followed religiously everywhere... I bet we all picked up something from them :D

:-) its a good thing.

Just finished watching the whole thing! Wow... I need sleep. took me more than a week but I did it and... I think I noticed that Hank never did the fitness challenge in 2009 ( where he had to do more than 13 sequences of jumping jacks, dance moves and push ups. Unless that was only for John and the rest of the Nerdfighters to do? But Hank had agreed to participate when the idea first came up... I think we need a punishment, here, but I might be wrong)

Loved watching all the insides coming to life and I wish I could have been there for some of the projects.

I know what you mean. It's surprising to see how rapidly it all took off though. NF was there by march or thereabouts.
And P4A.

Im actually right in the middle of doing that now. Although I started in 2008, so I don't have five years to go through, but it's still taking a while, and being amazing.

Yup, that's exactly what I did too!

One of my friends showed me the Angler Fish song and I thought it was hilarious :)
I watched a few other random videos and got hooked, went back to the very beginning of all the vlogbrothers videos and watched them all. It was so fun and interesting and an awesome way to get immersed in a new community!!

And Froggy I know what you mean, I wish I could've been around for some of the projects too! 

I came in some time 2010.  And I did the same thing!  Got hooked and went all the way to the beginning.  I just had to see how this all got started.  Though I do wish I had been there form the beginning... just cause of the awesome projects and T-shirts.  Oh well I'm here now!

I just finished them right before Christmas I watched all of the vlogbrothers videos in order over the course of a few months. I am so glad that I am not the only one that was a little late to this awesomeness.


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