One is about a girl named Jane who killed her ex-boyfriend, Josh, because she thought that he tried to kill her. Now it's a year later and he is back. Josh doesn't make himself know, but he sends threatening letters to her, telling her that he was planning on killing her. Meanwhile, Jane starts to fall in the love with the strange Castle Greene. He has a secret, and Jane knows it. 


Then there is one about dragons. I'm not completely sure on what it's about, but I know that ALix, her younger sister Maire, and Alix's best friend Erik find a Chinese dragon in Europe. They decide to raise it, but raising dragons is illegal, and many dragon poachers would just LOVE to run into their dragon. So, i'm not completely sure where I'm going to go with it.


What do you think?

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I like the first one better. It sounds really good. Good luck.
i actually prefer the 2nd. it sounds like something you could make really awesome.


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