I need an interview with an English major, or someone english inclined. Quick 9 question interview.

I need an interview done with someone for my college English class in the field or area of study that I'm interested in. I've tried several professors at my college and they all just seem too busy for me, or are only available when I'm not. I'm running short on time (only a day and a half left from the time this is posted) to finish.If you write creatively for a certain source, write articles for a paper, write publications for someone, or anything of that nature, I encourage you to just respond to these 9 questions in a forum reply if you like. Doing so will greatly help me out. :) Also, If John Green himself replies to this interview, it will make my year (2012 that is). Also, for whoever helps, it'd be nice if you included your name. If you don't want to share your real last name, just make one up, thanks. :) Another note, if you want this info private for whatever reason, you could reply in a personal message.


For whoever helps me, I owe you my life.


1) What is your job title?

2) What kinds of things do you do at your job?

3) What education and/or training is required for this type of work?

4) What do you like about your current work?

5) What do you dislike?

6) How did you decide on this kind of job? What lead you do doing it?

7) What were your dreams of work as a child or teenager?

8) What other work would you like to do?

9) What adivice do you have for me if I want a job/career like yours?


Again, I OWE YOU MY LIFE  for this help.

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