It's not the kind of help that is generally asked for but I'm becoming desperate, and a little concerned that my brother and I lived in dilution during high school (secondary school for those who live outside the US) other than typical teenage weirdness.

When we came home from school we would watch random things like Dragonball Z (not the Kai, much appreciated for bringing it back in one form or another but you’ve cut out a lot of good stuff!). Through our adoration of anime we became more aware of other shows. One was about a pilot of a starship (it was red) and a crew that he randomly picked up through avoiding government fines and etc., I think. Another, all I remember is the chick in it had awesome hair that I imitated. The sides were braided and connected in the back over top of the loose sheath. I also think she was the daughter of a political figure. She was important other than for the love that another character had for her.

I have been searching for these (mostly for the starship one) for a long time and I, for the life of me, have no idea where to start again or even what to type into a search engine to find other than “anime” and that will only get me a browser FULL of random things I have no clue about.

Please, help. I will be forever grateful.

Thank you!

Sorry for the category. It is puzzling at least for me. :)

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At first, I thought you were talking about Blakes 7 ( a British live action show), then I realized you meant anime.

Maybe it was "Outlaw Star"?  I did a quick search and that's what turned up.  I've never seen it, but it looks interesting.

OMG! That's it! Now I just ned the other one :) Thank you!!!!

I am so happy you found what you needed. YAY!  Good luck with the second one. what other one?


signed (Dave who is still wants to know where CA nerdcache clues went).


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