Guys, I recently have fallen prey to the awfulness of stupid books and movies. I'm having trouble finding books and movies that are good, quality, nerdfighter books and movies. Not the stupid sex-and-drugs nonsense of most books and movies, but really good ones that make you think and leave an impact with you. Nerdy ones.

"Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book." -TFIOS

^^that kind

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Based on that quote, I'm going to go ahead and recommend the entire "Song of Fire and Ice" series by George R.R. Martin. This is a hefty series, however, and I can only recommend them if you're willing to take on huge amounts of information about the world they take place in. Seriously though, give these a go.

Thanks! I've heard a lot about those and I will give them a try....

have you ever seen "an education"? favorite movie. carey mulligan's character is who i aim to be in life. in terms of books, "the picture of dorian gray" left me with a lot of one-liner wisdom.

i havent but i just looked it up and it looked like just what I was looking for :)

I'm not sure if it's up your alley or not, but if you're into fiction at all, Handling the Undead by John Lindqvist is really good. It's about zombies but kind of in a new way- It made me do quite a bit of thinking. If you're into poetic writing, I highly recommend An Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson- it's a short story that's beautifully written. 

Well Trainspotting is about sex and drugs but its mostly about growing up. The Scottish accents are so strong though that in the original American release they had to "provide alternative dialogue" for the first twenty minutes. The movie is pretty similar to SLC Punk which is American. Personally I prefer Trainspotting by A LOT but they're both worth watching if you haven't seen them. 

Mary and Max is flat out the best animated film I've ever seen. It's about a little girl who doesn't have any friends that becomes pen pals with a middle aged man who has Aspergers. Really truly brilliant.

A Clockwork Orange and Requiem for a Dream are my two favorite films. The second one though hits hard so you have to be in the mood for an experience. It's not the sort of thing you watch in between classes.

Personally I prefer television shows. Personally I liken short stories to movies and television shows to novels. If you're interested in those as well here are my favorites.

Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos, Community, Luck, and Louie. 

I actually think sex and drugs show up in every single thing I mentioned. They're all really intelligent though, trust me.

I actually don't think I can think of anything that I love where sex and drugs does not show up at least once. 

As far as books go I'm reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche among other things. That book is easily the most intelligent thing I've ever read though. I'm working through it at a snail's pace though.

I didn't mean sex and drugs couldn't show up, they are a part of life and will obviously appear. I just meant I don't want to read books where they are the main focus because it is not interesting to me and is stressed to much in media. Thanks for all the suggestions!

Well it turns out luck was canceled because they couldn't ensure the safety of the horses. I say who cares? Nobody watches that show for the horses, just use stock footage from time to time and keep the damn show going. Man the one time HBO cancels something... oh well, they're still the best channel in existence followed closely by FX and then everything else mostly sucks.

I guess thats good information for you if you want substance, knowing what channels are generally worth looking at is probably helpful in finding good entertainment. HBO and FX are the only two great channels in existence, even if HBO requires a subscription. Most of the material on the two of these is fairly above average and they both also have some great original content. NBC deserves credit for running a few good sitcoms, Comedy Central actually doesn't completely suck anymore and its actually getting [somewhat] close to being competition for FX, Showtime has a few good shows as well but they canceled Party Down, AMC has Mad Men and Breaking Bad but nothing else (well I like Comic Book Men but I wouldn't say that show offers any substance), I guess the BBC has some good B-Rated material going on, and everything else is generally trash minus maybe one show.

Oh and never watch anything on FOX because they cancel EVERYTHING except the garbage Seth Macfarlane makes. I know being a parent company hardly means anything in terms of business model but its so strange that the worst channel, Fox, owns the best channel, FX.

Also Netflix and Hulu have been canceling everything they make as well (or plan on making). Netflix is run by the biggest idiot of all time. I know they ahve to change the company's business model but man they're blistering it up. Hopefully Arrested Development goes well for them.

I know you don't care but it feels good to pretend to make use of my intricate knowledge of television. I would never claim to know everything but I'm pretty close.

What books and movies do you particularly enjoy, Allie? When I think of "though provoking movies", I first think of Memento, American Beauty, Pi, Shawshank Redemption, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Being John Malkovich, and Chasing Amy, each depending on what else you want from the movie. That said, you could work your way through some classics: Cassablanca is an amazing flic that everyone should read.

As for books, House of Leaves and Atlas Shrugged are two of my favorite thought pieces to read through, though the former is chaotic and torturous on the mind, and the latter easily misunderstood.

Those suggestions are mostly from my pile of favorites, but hearing what else you like will make it easier to make better suggestions.

I'm currently reading House of Leaves and I can vouch for it as well. It's pretty brilliant.

I don't really have a particular genre I like the best... I've mostly been reading deepish teen literature (because I am one) of the type of John Green and Mark Zusak... and fantasy.  I don't really watch many movies, so no idea. My most recent favorite was the Help. 

The Harry Potter books. It is popular, but most definitely not shallow.

The Hunger Games is good, but not AS deep.

The Book Thief is FANTASTIC... after you finish reading this comment, you should go get it!

The Autobiography of a Face is memior. It is very real and awesome. 

The Kite Runner is good (but sad).


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