I want need to know your birthday so I can add it to the NF Birthday Google Calendar. The calendar is public, and it is right here for our information and enjoyment.

I will add 'em as you go posting 'em. =] [Actually, First of Many did, thank you!]

I keep the links on my ning and on the original blog post.

Edit: Please add your birthday as a new reply to the thread. (If you leave it as a response to someone else's post we might miss it, because we go by checkpoints and we don't always go through all the pages to get to the new posts.) Thanks.

Please check that your birthday is posted correctly.
If not, PM please.

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August 27th :D
January 30th! :D
August 22nd :)
August 13th :)
June 18th.
May 27th. (:
April 25    :)
May 21'st haha everyone wanted the world to end on my bday? yeah right i stopped that.
April 4th! I really like this birthday because I can say 4/4 when people ask :)
February 23rd
March 14, 1990 :)
Ok!  January 17th, 12:22 PM Central time.


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