I want need to know your birthday so I can add it to the NF Birthday Google Calendar. The calendar is public, and it is right here for our information and enjoyment.

I will add 'em as you go posting 'em. =] [Actually, First of Many did, thank you!]

I keep the links on my ning and on the original blog post.

Edit: Please add your birthday as a new reply to the thread. (If you leave it as a response to someone else's post we might miss it, because we go by checkpoints and we don't always go through all the pages to get to the new posts.) Thanks.

Please check that your birthday is posted correctly.
If not, PM please.

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May 13, 1990

June 27th. :)

October 25th! Thank you for putting this together!

October 12, 1995
October 23rd! This is awesome!

January 4th (same as Issac Newton, Louis Braille, and Jacob Grimm)

I'm enough of narcissist to want my name embedded in a calender. Chalk me up(or data me up, or whatever) for July 31st!!

January 2nd! :D
24th of June!
4th of March

Mine is January 29th

1 February 1991. Yay, early birthday-ing!


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