To eat.
I think they would be the most nutritious! 

BUT before you hand them over, I'd like you to use them to help me a little bit. One of my classes this semester is Package design where I have to design a package (obviously). BUT FIRST I must find some kind of packaging problem that I can fix and thus design a new package. The problem is, my brain has gone blank and can't think of any packaging problems. 

So I'd really love it if you could use those delicious brains of yours to think of a packaging problem that affects you (maybe something environmental, packaging that's hard to open, child safe, a product that's got too much pakaging etc) and reply to this with them. :)

And then cut out your brain and post it to me.


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Nom nom nom...

what about something that is too flashy? or... gimmick-ish, I guess is the right term. It's plastic and cardboard, for gods sakes, not a brain busting riddle. The original is almost always the best.
I have no idea what you just said.
you mean like those packages that come in those plastic boxes with razor sharp plastic devil seals that not even jesus him self could break?
This packaging issue has plagued me for my entire life
Two of my biggest pet peeves are 1. Those UNOPENABLE plastic fortresses they put everything in now (including my new graphing calculator, which I almost had to hack free with a machete), and 2. Ridiculous overpackaging (I'm looking at YOU, Subway). Other than that I can't really think of any other packaging-related problems...
Waste of materials, like someone has already said, when there is a horrendous amount of packaging which takes ages to get through (in my opinion the worse is headphone packaging) you can end up cutting yourself on the plastic, it takes a lot of effort and it's an terrible waste.

The other thing is packaging that you want to reuse but fall apart. A good example is the bags that rice comes in. They usually give you a sticky tab so you can reseal it but normally they split too much when you originally open them.


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