*Warning: Teenage gushiness and possible pining follows. Proceed at own risk.*

....So there is this boy. He is very cute, but more importantly he is intimidatingly smart and he is really fun and interesting to talk to. I like him a lot.


1. I think he is out of my league. "But wait, MM!" I hear you say. "There are no such things as leagues, and you are just being insecure!" I am skeptical. Because he is cute, smart, charming, and nice to everyone, he is very popular. He has gone out with girls who are better-liked and prettier than I am. I don't think that he would be interested in a spaz like me. This is not me being insecure, this is me attempting to be realistic. I am a wonderful and lovely person, but I am not what you would call "alluring" nor "smooth." I am not particularly skilled in the art of tact. 

2. I sit next to him in AP History class, and thus I see him every day. This is fine for now, as I like spending time with him and we do occasionally have some pretty interesting conversations. However, if I were to ask him out and he were to reject me, I would still have to see him every day. 

3. He has given me no reason to think that he would be particularly interested in me. 

Any advice on what I should do? Should I ask him out, even though I don't think that it will go well? Should I just keep pining and not resolve anything? Should I stop asking somewhat whinny and self-deprecating posts on the internet? Help!

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USE your words! The best response to both yes and no is mmkay.

I just wanted to say that he's not going out with those other girls anymore, which means something didn't work in those relationships. Maybe he wants/needs someone else.

To be fair girls feel the exact same way. If you boys don't tell us we'll never know.

Perhaps it's just humanity that is dense. 

UPDATE: I asked him out today in the hallway. He said that he would need to think about it. I told him to get back to me about it. In the class period afterwards, I was shaking and kinda close to tears for about 15 minutes, not even because I was sad or disappointed, which I wasn't, but just because I had so freaking much adrenaline in my system. During the last fifteen minutes I felt like a boss, because a lot of girls would not have the ovaries of steel that it took to put myself out there like that. So yeah, I am feeling pretty good. Nervous, but good.

So did it work out?

He said that he didn't feel that way about me. It was disappointing, but I am okay.

As everyone has said "Use your words!" 

Also you should flirt with him. Cause you can, and it's fun.

Ahhh! You poor soul. Worst thing ever. 

...I'm sorry, I would give you advice except that I'm terrible with these sorts of situations, so...good luck though!

Well I don't have much experience on this matter myself but I reckon you should find a way to spend more time with him. Talk to him, get to know him better, and if he starts to show signs of romantic interest, then ask him out. If not, then move on. Or plan his murder.Whatever feels right.

Not even read, but USE YOUR WORDS!


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