What does yours mean to you? Is it a photo of you, if so, what are you doing and why? There are some pretty weird ones out there and I want to get to the bottom of them!

My avatar is the Greek letter Phi, because it is used in maths, science and art. I am interested in maths the sciences and the arts, and that is one of the reasons I chose it. Another reason is that Phi is the golden ratio, as was stated in an image I made (and a previous avatar that is now missing):

Another important thing I have included in my avatar is the rainbow background. I love rainbows and to me they are the penultimate beauty (The ultimate being the aurorae). Other versions of my avatar are:

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<--- Me. And my cat. Who looks SO enthusiastic. It's amazing.
The love of my life- Neil Patrick Harris. Singing at the Emmy's. I wish he weren't gay or that I was a man... :)
You win. :)
*cough* That could be arranged...
haha that's realllllly creepy. I'm kind of scared of you now...
It has happened many a time before...
<----- Wade Wilson. To sum him up,

Okay... That makes sense...

Oh, yeah, and it's awesome!
I can not think of a better image to tell you everything you need to know to understand Deadpool.
It all makes sense now....
<---Alex Carpenter of the Remus Lupins performing at my first Wrock show*is reminiscent*


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