Imagine that tomorrow, every living creature in the plant kingdom could show pain.
Flower arranging would be more like taxidermy, forest fires would be more horrific, and the model for agriculture regulation and standards would be incredibly different.

So how would this affect the vegetarian and vegan movement?
Would you still consider it the lesser of two evils or change sides, because animals have a fighting chance?

Other thoughts on how it would change things are welcome and encouraged.

I was a vegetarian for almost a year, it was to difficult while living on a college campus, so vegies please don't take this the wrong way.

Thanks to Nerdfighter Jacqueline for sparking this idea in my head and the Ning for a place to posit it.

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you mean factory farming. that is not real farming.
I'd be a lumberjack.
...and a transvestite?
Don't forget your high heels, suspendies, and a brar :)
Monty Python <3
Hell yeah.
Well I think this would be a little different, because unlike animals, it's pretty much impossible to get through a day without "harming" plants. You walk on grass, mow your lawn, prune your trees, etc. Not to mention that either way, you would HAVE to kill plants in order to eat. Even if you became exclusively carnivorous, the animals you ate would have to be fed some kind of plant to live. In fact, it would probably still be better to be a vegetarian, since it takes God-only-knows how many stalks of wheat just to feed one single cow to adulthood...

I'd probably still stick to my regular omnivorous diet though. Meat is like, really really good, you know?
Oh, Paige, how you make me laugh.

some people eat vegan because its healthy
we can't save every single plant from being harmed, it would be impossible. what if lightning struck a tree and it fell on grass? there would be so much screaming without any human interaction

"If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason."
Jack Handey
The vegans could all go frutarian like Ghandi?
Only eating fruit/nuts/seeds etc. - ie. parts of plants that are disposed of naturally.


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