it is an obvious that groups get hate: hicks, nerds, popular, and hipsters.

now most of these groups have it coming; hicks are rude, nerds mock people's inferior intelligence, populars are just so pretty, and hipsters they can be very arrogant. 

but what are hipsters? 

is it this?

or is it this?

but then you have the response to this subculture..

While mainstream society of the 2000s (decade) had been busying itself with reality television, dance music, and locating the whereabouts of Britney Spears’s underpants, an uprising was quietly and conscientiously taking place behind the scenes. Long-forgotten styles of clothing, beer, cigarettes and music were becoming popular again. Retro was cool, the environment was precious and old was the new ‘new’. Kids wanted to wear Sylvia Plath’s cardigans and Buddy Holly’s glasses — they revelled in the irony of making something so nerdy so cool. They wanted to live sustainably and eat organic gluten-free grains. Above all, they wanted to be recognised for being different — to diverge from the mainstream and carve a cultural niche all for themselves. For this new generation, style wasn’t something you could buy in a department store, it became something you found in a thrift shop, or, ideally, made yourself. The way to be cool wasn’t to look like a television star: it was to look like as though you’d never seen television."

— Matt GranfieldHipsterMattic [13]

are you a hipster? is it bad to be a hipster? what is a hipster?

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It seems to me that hipsters enjoy, or to excessive extents, try to stay ahead of everyone else all of the time, so I really get that last joke. I don't know if they have had any particularly useful contributions to our species, but they do seem to have great influence when it comes to introducing the general populace to the new 'it', before moving on. I do think that apart from vanity and concealed desperation, it takes some skills to become a hipster. I don't know what. But they do seem to cultivate themselves a lot, and it is easy to spot a failed hipster.

I have some hipster tendencies. Ever since playing Half life 2 as a kid I wanted some nerdy glasses like Gordon Freeman (or Hipster Gollum in my picture), but being a dork, I didn't know were to get such glasses, and I was too embarrassed to ask anyone. So I went with those who said 'you have no style'. It was safe, anonymous... So when the hipsters finally started wearing them (not very long after HF2 I think), I really wanted some too, but was still to shy to ask anyone where they'd gotten them. 5 or 6 years later, they were suddenly everywhere, because the populars had finally seen a moviestar or something wearing them. But then I didn't want them anymore. That is pretty vain of me I think...

That's the way fashion works. Things become 'cool' for a while then they fall out of fashion, and then they creep back up years later. Every generation has its group of people who discover new trends and bring back old styles, usually by reinvigorating them in some way. For us, these people are the hipsters. We can hate on hipsters all we want but it is the people who are willing to step outside of the current norm and try something new with confidence that keep things changing. Even the things the "popular" people think is cool was once out of the norm and had become mainstream because of people like hipsters.

Why should we mock a hipster? They are just people trying to express them selves. They dress with a contradictory style and listen to country, screamo, rap  and rock ALL at once. I like hipsters for that exact reason. People look at a hipster and automatically hate them because they "Don't Match up" to societal expectations. You CAN'T like rap and listen to country, you CAN'T like country and listen to sreamo, why, because it contradicts what society believes.  

you make some good points Akela.  as a collective of self-proclaimed nerds i think we can all relate to wanting to be thought of as smart/sophisticated and having interests which aren't mainstream.  i don't know that i actually know any real hipsters, but i suspect the problem many of us have with them conceptually is the impression of elitism.  i mean, i get wanting one's... stuff to be at least somewhat exclusively one's stuff and losing interest when it seems that everyone's joining the bandwagon.  Dinosaurs are a good personal example.  but to (at least seemingly) refuse to admit to enjoying something because it's popular is just silly.  

I think that if everyone really aspired to be themselves, then the label hipster would not matter to that person because they are in the act of being themselves and therefore do not care what other people say about them. Everyone will have a little bit of hipster in them but at the same time, there is that part of us that does not really care if we are being mainstream simply because we enjoy that mainstream song, book, movie, etc. At the same time, if I want to wear Buddy Holly glasses, then dammit I will wear my Buddy Holly glasses! It is not because I am all caught up in having to be ahead of everyone, its because I enjoy the way they look on my face so everyone that has a problem with me being part "hipster" they can get over it.

The way I see it is that changing your lifestyle in any way in order to fit in with a specific group of people is completely and utterly useless. I personally believe that there has been too much pressure put on people to perfectly confine with at least one group of people. It is destructive and prevents an accurate representation of one's self.

People often label me a nerd and a hipster, but there are some things about me that do not quite fit into either group.

"Nerdiness" is a lifestyle, but also an innate quality. It comes from within. Hicks are usually influenced by their environment, and Populars are groomed to believe that they are superior in terms of attractiveness and wealth than others.

Some could argue that being a hipster would be a good thing; a divergence from the norm, a unique sect, etc. In a way, the term "hipster" could be used to describe someone who isn't afraid to challenge accepted styles or stand out in the crowd, so to speak. Unfortunately, hipsters began to mistakenly label themselves as "nerds," which is where the problems began.

As mentioned, "nerdiness" is an innate quality. Usually you either are or you aren't, and it is as simple as that. Yes, nerds are different; we are picked on and made fun of, especially for our copious amounts of intelligence. I like to think of hipsters as being combiners of different human qualities- they took the aloofness/faked depression from the "emo" kids, they raided the stores of Urban Outfitters in search of printed leggings, and they tried to become "nerds" as well, which is pretty much an epic failure.

I've seen people who I wouldn't call intelligent if my life depended on it, who wear glasses with a shape similar to vintage Ray Bans. I've seen printed colorful leggings haphazardly stuffed into purposely-scuffed army boots. I've seen the loose gauzy shirts, the pulled up hair, the dramatic makeup, almost everything, including the occasional Twitter picture of a "hipster" reading (I love the Great Gatsby. Tom is a sweetheart, Daisy is a bitch, and Myrtle is just fat. Oh, but Gatsby has such a nice sense of style). I have been scarred.

The worst part here is that they criticize society to the point where the criticism becomes superfluous. I absolutely hate when hipsters preach politics, or talk about religion, or human rights. They are so attached to their lifestyle that they are willing to bend their morals to stay in "with their crowd." Interestingly though, they were the sect that left the others sects because of criticism, yet continued to mock the other sects and proclaim their superiority.

Hipsters are hypocrites. I hope this "fad" dies out. I'm not conventional by any means, but if I see another pair of Buddy Holly glasses atop a coiffed head, I'm bringing pepper spray to school.

Hipsters aren't really people who enjoy finding new things. I tend to see that hipsters are putting obnoxious effort into looking cool, which I'm not really a fan of (obviously, I'm a Nerdfighter).

I think that "hipster" is just another stereotype. Hipsters are often defined as people with a bad sense of style (and a correspondingly bad attitude) who are fake and think they are better than everyone else because of their bad sense of style and because of how they stand out from everyone else. But, as with most stereotypes, this is a misconception. It's another label we use to try and fit people into specific boxes and groups so that we can have a more organized society, while denying the fact that no one person can be accurately defined and represented by a single label. Basically, everyone assumes that, because one person (or group of people) who dress like our idea of a hipster is a total jerk, all people dressed that way must act that way, too, or they aren't a hipster. Saying that all hipsters are jerks and fakes is like saying that all gay men are feminine, and that is obviously not true. I may be biased, however, because I do consider myself a hipster. But (as far as I know) I'm not a total jerk. I don't see other people as inferior if the way they dress is "mainstream" or "normal". And, since people can't be defined by one label, I also identify myself as a nerd (among other things). I like both indie music and punk and, honestly, I don't have anything against listening to Justin Bieber. I watch Star Trek and Doctor Who. I don't automatically hate something or someone just because it's "mainstream" or whatever. People who are mean and think that they're better than everyone else are found in every group of society. Mean, annoying hipsters aren't any different from all the other mean, annoying people in the world--it's just that these jerks happen to dress like hipsters.

Labeling people isn't always black and white.I'm not a "hipster",but I wouldn't mind being friends with a hipster.People like what they like.Just because a person dresses a certain way or likes a majority of things that corresponds to a certain label doesn't mean they aren't into other things outside of that. Some people just want to find a place where they feel like they belong. 

Society is made because we label people. I think we should stop labeling so society can be more perfect. I am not a hipster because I enjoy Michael Jackson's music and that is from the 80s I think.


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