Right now...

What would you do?

Personally I would be at a beach, just sitting pondering about life.

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Since no body has posted in this, I guess it wouldn't hurt if I did. 

I would enjoy being in the Florida weather, enjoying the nice sun and beautiful air. 

Better than this Pennsylvania weather. x.x

But in Florida I would sit around the pool and relax. :)

What part of Florida? I personally like Mexico City Beach.

I was in the Fort Laurdale area. Bonita Springs to be exact. 

Fort Lauderdale is super pretty. Have you ever been to Zephyr Hills?

Actually no I haven't. I am not really good with places around in Florida other than near Bontia Springs, Fort Laurderdale, Miami and Orlando. 

I want to steal a tardis and fly away into the unbeknownst-stst.

But what will you do in the unbeknownst-stst?

Well... Explore... Explore ALL the shit

Finish college, get a car, and get any sort of job that's not minimum wage.

Ambitious :D


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