So, scientists have recently discovered that by removing a part of the DNA that causes itself to self destruct over time, they can make organisms live at least 100 times longer than expected. If you could live forever, what would you do?

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Please post a link to the article you got this information from.
Make a detailed record human history, while amassing enough money to purchase a small island to turn into a giant nature preserve.
If it was proven safe and tried out, I'd go for it. I mean, there's no history of dementia/Alzheimer's in my family, and if they have this, odds are they'll be able to cure the severe arthritis that I'm bound to get. I'd totally try it out, try to learn as much as I could, and use it to develop even more medicines, cures, and inventions.

This would wreak havoc on the world's population, though. Unless we colonize other planets (which may be possible by the time this technology is developed and approved and used and stuff) we'd be totally screwed.
I would do everything. EVERYTHING.
Kill myself.
Who wants to live forever?
Sometimes I don't even think we were meant to live past 4o.
has anyone seen TuckEverlasting? I would take their advice on living forever. :]
If you honestly think about it, not too long ago 40 was old age.
That is naturally what we should live to.
I would totally commit suicide when I get to the point when life isn't fun anymore. =}


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