Just thought I'd randomly start a discussion if anyone needs nerdfighter pals to talk to... you can add your name, where you're from... you're favourite colour... you know that kind of gist.

you don't have to, I'm new and I don't know that many people...

so yeah :)

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Come as you are is a pretty awesome track, its in my top 5 of Nirvana songs.
Have you heard the Unplugged version? It's way better
Just reading through this thread, I didn't know that there were so many on here from the UK!
I mean, I knew there were lots of nerdfighters here when I went to the sons of admirals gig and saw John, but I didn't know that so many were active on here!
Hi, I'm kelly and I'm live in London. My favourite colours are Black, white, grey, blue and purple. I love action films and listen to almost every genre of music, but I prefer indie, rock and metal.
I don't know many people on here but hopefully that will change :)
I know I thought the same when I joind the discussion! I thought there would be a lot less British People.!
And Hey I'm Ruby from England (Near Reading?) so now you know me :) (p.s. so jealos tht you went to the sons of admials gig AND saw john)
The gig was incredible. Never seen so many nerds in one place!
Hello Ruby :)
yeah it was a great night, I dont think they expected such a big turnout - the venue was tiny compared to the amount of people that were there!
Hopefully there is another gig like that with both of them there that you can attend :D
I know what you mean, I had always assumed that we UK nerdfighters were a small minority!
The SoA gig was incredible. Do you remember when we all yelled 'ALEX' condecendingly. guess you had to be there.
yeah I remember. It all started when he hadn't tuned his guitar properly for the following song if I remember correctly! I had a great time there, I wanted to go to the gathering before the gig but I was busy during the day. It would have been a good way to get to know some nerdfighters.
I think it was because he left it upstairs. I yelled out 'That's what she said' at one point XD
John signed my copy of Paper Towns. That was probably the best evening ever
It was a great evening - everything was just awesome that night. One mystery though - do you know who was wearing the banana costume by any chance? Cos they were a legend for wearing that for the whole time :D
I don't, but he was amazing. I remember seeing several people around london over the next few days with the cross on their hands XD I'm still in awe of how many nerdfighters there are :D
It will be a mystery that may never be solved. my friends cross came off by the end of the night but no matter how much I tried, my it took 2 days for mine to come off!
Its great that there are s many nerdfighters - its amazing how so many people can be joined by one thing such as this :D


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