Just thought I'd randomly start a discussion if anyone needs nerdfighter pals to talk to... you can add your name, where you're from... you're favourite colour... you know that kind of gist.

you don't have to, I'm new and I don't know that many people...

so yeah :)

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If I go there will be trouble...
But if I stay it will be double! and I love ska too! It appears we have a similar music taste :)
cool :) who's your favorite ska band?
I like The Specials, Bookertee, Prince Buster.... I don't know that many because I get most of it off compilation disks my dad has but never listens to :S oh, and Madness but they can hardly be classed as ska! Oh, and i like ska punk like Operation Ivy and Rancid etc. :P
I've seen the Specials and Madness live! Both amazing :D
so jealous!
*loves The Clash just a tiny a bit too much*
(Btw, Operation Ivy, Rancid, The Specials <3)
Hello! My name is Malin :) I'm from Sweden, but I currently live in London. Favourite colour is usually teal, but I just like colour in general. I love Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Saw HatP play twice this summer and i really miss all the Swedish HP nerds/nerdfighters. I like to knit and crochet while watching Star Trek, X Files, Buffy and the likes on tv, play WoW, read, visit the Swedish Curch's café to read the newspaper and eat some proper cinnamon rolls. I've become much more Swedish since I moved here.
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I'm Nicole, 21 from California, USA. My favorite color is midnight blue but I like yellow and orange too! My favorite animal is a frog and I love to have adventures in the forrest! I am an HP nerd [sooooooooo stoked for the 19th!] and I just started watching Doctor Who. <3
I love The Spill Canvas and Cake [the band not the food.]
Anyways send me a message if you want to chat! I am always looking for new friends. =]
Hellooooo! this discussion is getting me hyped i'm meeting tons of people :)
How are you finding Doctor Who? I'm one of the many obsessives on here :)
I'm gonna look up that band now they sound interesting :)
Anywayy :)
Byyyyeeeee :) (please excuse the hyperness) xxx
Haha. I heard about Doctor Who from YouTube and bought most of the fifth season on iTunes, then recorded the whole season on DVR. I haven't seen any season before the fifth so I wouldn't consider myself a true fan but I am getting there.

Which band did you look up and how did you like their music?

Hyperness is okay.=]


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