It's impossible to disagree. 
Did anyone else sob? 

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I cried even after the third read
I fell in love with Augustus....

It was a sad book indeed. It took me a whole day to read it. I learned alot of quotes that meant alot between two loving people. Its ironic enough that all the characters in the book can be compared to real life situations out there.

I feel like John writes things that seem more real than other authors. It was a very sad book. I had to put it down and wait a little while to start reading it again at several parts of the book in order to keep from crying.

I absolutely loved TFioS.  I work with kids who have cancer and my best friend (other than my wife) is actually currently in treatment for cancer as well.  I think that the book was pretty real in its portrayal of teens with life-threatening illness and...just utterly brilliant.  I don't even have the proper words to explain my feelings on this book.

I've read a couple of chapters, and it seems very promising. But I've been home sick for a couple of days, and I left the book at work :(

it's a beautiful and heartbreaking book. I personally fell in love with the character but also found it so realistic. In a weird way I related to it as a close family member had battled with serious illness (not cancer) but he at one point was very close to death due to it and even though he's had treatment you never know when something will happen, but ya so  did sort of relate to it. But an amazing book!

I read it and sobbed uncontrollably.It was like someone had told me my best friend died :( 

I sobbed. Mostly because it all felt so extremely real. Also after reading the book I almost felt like I lost a friend, like the book had become part of my life or something. After finishing it, it also took me sometime to appreciate any other books. They all seemed dull to me compared to TFIOS. (okay this all may sound a bit dramatic, but I REALLY loved it.)

I finished it last night. I couldn't put it down, my body needed sleep but my mind needed to get to the end. It was a beautiful book. It did feel real and I felt the same way, as though I had lost a friend. The last time I felt this way was when I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I borrowed i from a friend to read it and i honestly considered not returning it.

I read iit and reread it and still love it


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