I'm Doing A Multi-genre Research Project On The Nerdfighting Community/B20

And I need to make sure I can get two interviews. Since chances of me getting an interview with John or Hank is probably really slim, can I get two volunteers? I don't know when I'd have to interview you, but I need to assure my teacher that I definitely can get two interviews. :)

Please and thank you!

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Why dont you message the ningmasters and ask them?

I would imagine that would be they way to start, instead of random ningers(rofl, I think this term should not be used..I used it anyways)
I have to agree with The Black Knight, I think contacting the Ningmasters would be a very good idea. I also encourage trying to contact Hank and John to see about getting an interview with them; it's always worth a shot! :)

Ningmasters are:

However, this isn't to say that I think interviewing any Nerdfighter or Nerdfighter Ning member would be frivolous. I think there are many non-Ningmasters that could provide you with interesting just gotta be selective.

I wish you luck with your research paper! :)
What exactly do the interviews entail? (How are you planning on conducting the interview? Is it just a list of question that they would textually respond to? And how long would the interview be?)
And how soon do you need the interviews?

I know John and Hank are often pretty busy, so if you can't get their help, I know of a few other nerdfighters of various ages, and I'm sure plenty of other nerdfighters would love to help you out :]
I'm not quite sure what the questions would be exactly (probably just like: 1) How did you get involved? 2) Why did you get involved?) I could email the questions or just like messages on the ning. Whatever is most convenient. :) Hmm, I'm not sure exactly when I would need the interviews, but within the next three weeks. I just need to write a 'topic proposal' for my teacher and one of the things I need is to be able to interview members of the community.

That would be so awesome. I'd be so grateful! :D Thanks so much.
I agree you should try to interview some ningmasters, not that their better than random nerdfighters, but for an interview they might have some interesting things to say. Also you might try asking John and Hank, even if their busy and can't do it its always worth a shot.
Or you could even ask some of the members from projects that started because of the vlogbrothers. For example, the 5awesomegirls (and 5A guys). Theres a whole list on the main page plus I'm sure theres more, just ask around.
If you do decide you want a regular nerdfighter let me know and I'd be glad to help and I'm sure you can find several other nerdfighters willing to help.


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