When I Graduate, my best friend and I are going to Europe. Im so excited for this, but I have never been one for torists..... does anybody have any awesome things to see that arnt major attractions. Please tell me some Nerdfighter wothry places to go, if you no any!

(I just realy want to stand in a place were I no Ernest Hemmingway like to hang out....that would be sweet...)

Thanks DFTBA!

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Ok, i did some looking up.. and this place looks awesome... I could spend a whole day there :)
Hmmm, well I'd definitely recomend Prague, but thats because I've lived there for quite some time. It is touristy in parts, but theres a lot of it thats just very cool, which is why the tourists go there! I'd recomend though, outside the city a place called "pruhonice park" which is just outside Prague a little way (takes a little getting to, but it's worth it). Its got some very astounding surroundings & natural beauty. My friend called it a lot like the kind of place you get in a fairytale kingdom. If you want more info i can give directions

While in CZR if you do want to avoid the touristyness, try the city of Brno. It's CZR's second city and I've heard many cool things about it. I never went myself, but I'd recomend it from what I heard.
In England most of the touristy stuff is in London - so why not go walking in the Peak District? It really is beautiful, if you're into that sort of thing. Or Nothern Scotland, that's really awesome with an amazing landscape and walks.

In Italy I would definately go to Rome despite the number of tourists because the colleseum is definately well worth a visit. I'd also recomend Sienna; if you don't go during the Palio you should be okay!

The south of France is really nice and pretty and some of the beaches aren't too busy. Cali is supposed to be nice.
eegg walk in in peek dont do it its so hilly X( im doing deuk of edinbrh lol

sud de la france est tres belle j'adore :P
I would contact nerdfighters in every country you plan to visit and ask them to show you aruond :-) I'd happily be your tour guide in the Netherlands!

In case you can't find a nerdfighter-tourguide in Belgium, even though it is a major tourist attraction, I would definitely visit Bruges, because it is absolutely gorgeous!
Oh, sorry, didn't see this before. :) But i agree with you, Bruges is awesome!
I second Utrecht! Now you might think I'm biased because I live there... but I live there despite working in a town an hour away because it's soooooooo lurvely and I couldn't bear leaving it :)
Well, its not like i have a problem with tourists...i just dont like tour guiedes i like to do things on my own, i just like to see the stuff that isnt a Main Big attraction but is as equaly awesome as those... and Thanks for the comments!
aww.. i spelled guides wrong...
I have the perfect place! There is a town called Ronda in Andalusia (southern Spain). It's a beautiful town, off the beaten track, but easy enough to get to if you go via Seville (another place I'd thoroughly recommend).

I went there just last week and by some strange coincidence came across Ernest Hemingway Avenue! I'd upload a photo of it, but my digicam broke and I've not taken the disposable into be developed yet.
While I lived in Germany my two favorite places were Rothenburg and Trier, we took pretty much all family that visited us to one place or the other. Loved it every time!
I've been to Trier when we were staying in Mehring. It is a fun city to visit. I also liked Bernkastel.


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