I'm very knowledgeable about the Star Wars universe, but none of my friends or family can think of questions that can actually challenge my knowledge! So this, my nerdy friends, is where you come in. Think of the hardest question from the Star Wars saga that you can think of. Although I would appreciate it if you kept it within the actual movies. I.E. no naming actors or behind the scenes stuff. Only stuff you learn from within research, reading the books, and watching the movies. CHALLENGE ME!

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WHAT... is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Sorry, it's been a really long time since I've seen Star Wars. All but the basics have slipped from my mind. Umm....

In what standing order did the three dead guys at the end appear? (Who was at the right, center, left)
HaHa Monty Python FTW
african or european?
Name: Damorian Manufacturing Carrack-class Light Cruiser
Type: Frigate
Length: ______ meters
WEG Hyperdrive: x1
WEG Sublight: 8
LucasArts Sublight: 16 MGLT
ILM Sublight: N/A
10 Turbolasers
____ Laser Cannons
5 Tractor Beam Projectors

Fill in the blanks. If you can your creepy, if you can't there is more to learn my young Padawan.
So it's a lose-lose situation?
GNK Power Droids are more commonly know as ________ Droids : Why?
There are at least two fan-boy explanations for Han Solo's "parsecs as units of time not distance" gaff. The simple one is that Han made the mistake on purpose to see if Luke and Ben were dumb nubes and would miss it. But there is a second, much more complicated explanation. What is it? Hint, it involves astrophysics (sorta).
Ooooh, I love this. I really do. That pesky Maw ;)
I need a Harry Potter chalenge. :(
Name Ron's great-aunt who came to visit for Bill & Fleure's wedding in book 7
I don't know how I remember this.
I remember nothing from Deathly Hallows because I read it so quickly.
(Which is why I am rereading over the holidays)
Three bits of Han trivia:
1) What disease was Han suffering from when he was released from carbon freezing?
2) Who were Han's parents?
3) How did Chewbacca and Han meet?

General trivia:
1) What Wookiee holiday were Han and Chewie going to celebrate on Chewie's home planet (extra points: what IS Chewie's home planet?) in The Star Wars Holiday Special?
2) Who were Padmé's parents?
3) What is the Sith Code?
4) How did the Sith originate?
5) How did Qui Gon Jin and Obi Wan Kenobi get together as master and padawan?
6) Did Obi-Wan have any siblings? If so, who were they?
7) What exceptions have been made to the jedi rule against marriage?
8) How, specifically, do you make a light saber?


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