I'd like to get sponsered for shaving my head. I was thinking I could donate it to a cancer charity or Friends of Esther.

I just thought of it 5 minutes ago but it's something I think I'd like to do.



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I've thought about doing that too. Problem is, I'm a high school girl, so I'm insecure most of the time... Though, I'd do it if it wasn't just me sitting in my room deciding how exactly I'm supposed to get sponsered and all that stuff.
I'm a high school girl too, so I have the same problem :/
I was thinking of getting my school invovled: hanging posters everywhere, getting teachers to mention it in assembly. I could also get my local paper to do a little article about it, they probably will, nothing much happens where I live so every day is a slow news day. And maybe John or Hank would mention it in a video?
I don't think I'd do it unless I raised something like £1000, because, you know, it's my hair and if I'm going to get rid of it then I'd want to have really made a difference.
How would you raise money if you were going to do it?
Most of my ideas were along the same lines. I figured that I could see if any other girls from my school wanted to do it too (guys would be welcome as well, but it's not that big of a deal if they shave their heads and they wouldn't have as big of an emotional impact as girls would). There's about one thousand students in my high school, so there has to be someone who'd do it with me.
I'd say just getting the word out would be a good start; posters around town, ads in the newspaper, maybe a shout out on the radio.
Certainly! Publicise it and raise enough money before you go through with it though.

If you are going to insecure about it afterwards, perhaps ask your principle if you can wear a bandanna until you have hair of a decent length.

But yes, an excellent idea!
I like this idea. :)
I don't think I would shave my head, but I want to do a charity and I'm going to Vlog so I can give some publicity in my vlog if you would like me to....
That would be absolutely great, thank you :D
I'm going to set up a page on Just Giving so people can donate online.
I told my dad before about my plans and he had a major cry about it. I'm starting to doubt myself now and feeling a bit scared but I'm still going to push on with it. I just need support *wherethenerdfighterscomein* :)
I'm actually growing my hair out for a certain look at the moment, but when I'm tired of the style I'm going to shave my head bald and donate it...
I give you my support! :)
I'm sure your dad can understand you, and if he doesn't yet he will. It's for a good cause, and you know, it's only hair. It will grow back.
Sorry to butt into your conversation >_br />
This is the first time that I've heard of Just Giving; I went to the site and it seems too good to be true. And, I'm supporting you!! I might even be doing it too :] Though, I should probably tell my dad about it... eventually...
That sounds like a great idea! There's an organization that's really popular near me called "St. Baldrick's," they have these huge events where everyone gets his/her head shaved, and people sponsor them. I think they have events all over the US:
If you do go through with it, I will donate some money :)
OK, I won't be allowed to do ths for a couple of years because my parent have offically banned me from all forms of head shaving :@
It will happen though -_-
Woww... I thought my parents were the only ones who were that controlling...


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