Take an initialism (D.F.T.B.A. - don't forget to be awesome) or an acronym (P.I.G. -pie is good) and use the last letters of each word to make a new initialism/acronym. Charles and Sue will demonstrate.


Charles:(D.F.T.B.A.) Don't Forget To Be Awesome

Sue:(T.T.O.E.E.) Time Travel Obviously Explained Enough

Charles:(E.L.Y.D.H.) Even Love You Don't Have


It can be a bit of a mental exercise but I think its fun.

To kick it off I think it would be awesome to use your favorite version of D.F.T.B.A. rather than have me pick something boring and stuffy.

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Educated Elephants Sometimes Tell Stories

D. S. S. L. S.


Dan Sees Sue Late Saturday

H. S. Y. L. S.

He Stole Your Llama Sweater!

L. S. E. D. S.


Lizards Save Fearless Drape Snatchers

S. E. S. E. S.


Suddenly, Every Star Erupts Silence.



Yackety Yak Responds Silently Evermore



Yorkshire Kittens Stay Young Eternally 





Yakoots Raid Wealthy Sailors' League


(yakoots is a real word)


So Davros, you see everyhing?



Obviously Someone Used Extra Grapes



Wise Secretaries Enact Social Strategies



even stationary ethereal spirits socialize


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