im a hardcore nerdfighter and my girlfried is a decepticon, and shes not willing to be a nerdfighter. Is that allowed? Can nerdfighters be with decepticons.

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And here I was thinking that this was going to be an interesting discussion. Stupid misleading titles.
I second this.
no need for either of you to be mean
This is something that you have to find out on your own. And your question is too black and white.
well, this question was partially a joke because im not going to base my relatoinship on what a bunch of strangers say, but i still wanted some input. Sorry.
I am also a Decepticon and volunteer to take your girlfriend off your hands.

Assuming, of course, that she is hot. No uggos up in here, thanks.
shes a lesbian so i highly doubt that shell want you
It's up to you, and whether she makes you happy, and whether you make her happy.
No. Dump her.
Feel the love of this accepting and wonderful community, people.
It was expected.
Nerdfighteria is not here to restrict you, it is only here to provide you with something, no strings attached. If your girlfriend is decepticonian, then so be it.


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