Introducing... Another Annoying Newbie! (this one's from Canada)

Hello! Everyone's introducing themselves here, so I may as well too. I'm Gabi, 14 years old (still weird to introduce myself as that), from Toronto, Canada.

I love reading, and I'm slowly trying to get back into writing after not doing very much for a couple of years. Camping in the middle of nowhere is great. I play limited piano and guitar, and sing too much for my own good.

I discovered nerdfighters when a friend of mine showed me. I've always been a self-proclaimed nerd. My last public speaking assignment was a speech on nerds.


So... HI!!!

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Hello fellow Canadian! I'm from out west though. :) It's a nice feeling to get back into writing after it's fallen away, isn't it?

yep. I used to write constantly, and then stopped for a while. NaNoWriMo this year kind of jumpstarted me to start again.

Hi welcome to the site! :D

hello :) Im also newbie. But im from sweden. The way you described yourslef could be like if you introduced me. my friends think I sing to much and too often to xD nice to "meet" you :D

awesome! you too!

any favourite books?

hahha yeah ;)

mmmh ofc i love 'paper towns' but i also love all books that aidan chambers has written. Especially 'this is all'! hmmm and i love 'harry potter' ^^ im a reeal HP geek!! well acyually i read almost anything.. lol how about you? do you have any favorite books? :D



I used to be a huge fantasy/sci-fi fan...

I guess I'm into everything right now :P


Harry Potter is awesome :D

Hi! Also from Canada! Nerds rule! Welcome :)


Thanks :)

Hai! I'm sort of a newbie.... I've been a nerdfighter since June but I rarely go on the ning and only know two other nerdfighters..... (and i didnt even meet them on the internet [how lame am i??]) So anyway i play piano tenor sax and guitar.......I can quote whole scenes from Dr. Who, Torchwood, Harry Potter and AVPM/S........I spend two weeks every summer in the middle of nowhere and most of that time hiking........ This is a really long intro full of useless facts about me....BTW I live in Nyack, NY DFTBA :)

Hiking sounds awesome!It's really fun to get back to nature. 

that's a lot of instruments! How did you learn all of those?

I can quote some AVPM, but not whole scenes. I haven't seen the sequel yet, I get really busy. I have a lot of friends who like Dr. Who, but I haven't really bothered seeing it quite yet. 


And yesh, it's awesome to make online friends. I've met a few, but not through here. 

hi! i'm maire, i'm almost fifteen-in 15 days. I live in iowa. and um, yeah. i like reading, writing, singing and camping too. I like Doctor Who, and talk too much for the world's own good. So... allons-y!


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