Last Three days of mid-term (20th, 21st or 22nd of Feb)

please choose a day

Meeting outside Stephen's Green Park at 1pm.

Message if you have a problem with these arrangements.


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Why don't we try have another one?

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btw - did you all know there's a you tube gathering on Sunday
gathering on sunday outside trinity college at 1pm
RIGHT. well since the YouTube gathering with Todd and Johnny went so well just wandering, I think we should just wander and probably settle in the park.

February mid term good?
What days are you all free?
we WILL arrange this properly!
February Midterm sounds awesome. (:
I'm in London for the weekdays unfortunately though, from the Tuesday(17th) until the Thursday or Friday(19th/20th)
I'm for a Sunday. (:
First or last Sunday?
If they weather's nice, the park is the bestest option.
We have to re-organise! >___< xx
Awh damn, i'm two years two late D: xD
feck i would have went had i known , can we have another one
We could yeah, but none of us went to the first one.
And also none of us frequents this site anymore.

I wish we could have had one proper one.
We still can!
do you want to ?
im sure we could get a few people
and then a few more

so how about it
Do you know many Irish Nerdfighters?
My friends and I have kinda fallen from the fandom.

feck all i know almost no irish nerdfighters . made an account and forgot about it until about a week ago . but i might try and get a few people to join


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