Ok, so this is rather simple. people who are Pro-big business (may I say, George W. Bush?) support the idea that a corporation is in fact a legal "person" who deserves civil rights granted to American citizens. Is this wrong economically or just in principle? Is it wrong at all?

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I'm fine with it.


Solely because I think it'd be amusing when they first realize that they have to pay extra taxes, do jury duty, et cetera.

those are civil duties, not civil rights....
You can't have just one.

If corporations are people, why can't we throw Goldman Sachs in jail?

 no they are not and should not be treated as such. I think they should have a term limit. But realistically we needlarge corporations to do things that small ones cant and gvts shouldn t.
yeah, its important for commerce but the whole granting them civil liberties thing is going way too far.
Corporations should not be able to donate to political causes, onnly individuals.

Take it from an Autistic guy, whoever came up with this, is fecking retardes.


And they say us window lickers were supposed to be dumb. 

Oh America, how you make us look good xD

I love this.

I'd love to see Texas execute a corporation, it's when it kills people that I get angry.

But ASH some people need killing like serial killers.

As a "person" a corporation can give a limitless amount of money to any politician, thereby buying the politicians we vote into office. Corporations get all the freedoms and none of the responsibility. You won't see any corporation sent to jail or fined for white-collar crimes.

It is nonsense. And it undermines democracy.

When did he say that anyway?


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