Ok, so this is rather simple. people who are Pro-big business (may I say, George W. Bush?) support the idea that a corporation is in fact a legal "person" who deserves civil rights granted to American citizens. Is this wrong economically or just in principle? Is it wrong at all?

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It is actually right economically. A corporation must be taxed minimally in order for it to run its free course and flourish. These big businesses should not have rights infringed upon, or we would wind up having businesses like North Korea where money is not being circulated amongst employees and such.

In a manner of speaking, one could say a corporation is similar to a person, in that both demonstrate innate greed. Other than that, I think it's complete idiocy to categorize them that way.

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to say that that legal categorization was implemented so offices could be bought without actually being bought. The small, reasonable part of me wants to say it's just another lapse in reason of the US government (one of many in this day and age...)

When did GW say that somebody send me the link??????????????

I said he was pro-big business, thats all.

I am pro big business as well as pro mom and pop business. They both have their places.

legally yes. which is why they have limited liability. and why they are one of the most powerful entities on the planet. 

and yeah its wrong. if you read up on Adam Smith, not just the business stuff, he was tryin to talk about human morality as well. he says that nobody should develop a monopoly as that would cause corruption. watch the corporation documentary. it shares personality traits consistent with a psychopath


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