Because I do not think I am. I saw the trailer, and firstly, I have a massive problem with John Cusack casted as Edgar Allen Poe. He just does not look fitting as the greatest writer of all time (in my opinion), and I doubt he could portray him well. Based on the trailer, he did not.

Yet, the story in the movie seems interesting...

Anyway, I kinda want to see it because I love Edgar Allen Poe so fricking much, but I am afraid it is going to be one of those movies that try too hard to be awesome and end up sucking.

Those are my thoughts.

So, any Poe loving Nerdfighters want to share?

Are you excited to see it?

Disappointed by the casting?


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Why does this appear to be a gritty reboot of Sherlock Holmes? Unless the trailer was deceptively cut this is going to cause Edgar Allen Poe fanatics to start cutting themselves again.

Get it? Because Poe was kind of emo? I know, the joke was uncalled for... I'm not ashamed.

I would suggest you look up the term "emo" before you use it.

I know what the term means, thanks. It's a derogatory word that is commonly used to mock whiny depressed kids. I was also making a joke so it doesn't matter if the term doesn't actually fit Poe since I'm not really suggesting that he was emo. I suggest you look up the word 'joke' before you post another comment on a message board again. Thanks for the response though, really appreciated it.

I am sorry you are so annoyed. DFTBA.


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