(espace) is bringing sexyback.
Fill in the blank, loves.

(had to call dibs, sorry)

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(snort giggle)
That sounds like some of my friends.
Sounds exactly like my friend too.
Now I feel like a dirty old lady...

But then again... they could both use a burger.
That's why I hate Tokio Hotel, especially that guy on the right (forgot his name). Hate to say it, but he looks like a girl... a hot one. Ugh....
I know right
NO! You called dibbs on David Tennant! *sadface*

oh well.

Elijah Wood Pictures, Images and Photos

Elijah Wood is brinin' sexy back. HA.
Elijah Wood scares me.

That's better.
BFMV yessss I loveeeeee Matt Tuck's arms xd
not the best picture of him IMO, but agreed! Try this one:


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