Is is feasible for me to even dream of foreign schooling?

I am a freshman in high school and am VERY interested in pursuing a degree in the UK. I love the UK, and would even like to maybe live there someday. I am asking for your advice about whether going to university there would even be feasible.

For starters, did you attend school in a different country? would you recommend it? was the cost much more than going to university in your home country?

Feel free to recommend any schools that you like :)

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YES IT IS. In fact, everyone should PLAN to go to the best school WHEREVER IT IS, and if it's in a place far different from the US, so much the better. The purpose of education is to STRETCH YOUR MIND.

If you're thinking about the UK, probly you are language limited to English, which is a common and unfortunate malady among Americans. Well, then, aside from England, consider Ireland and India, which are far more interesting places. Trinity College Dublin and (depending on your interests), the Institute of Science in Bangalore should be high up on anyone's wish list. IS Bangalore is the most beautiful campus I've ever seen anywhere - the Garden of Eden is a crude imitation.

Cost? The best foreign universities are usually much cheaper than the best American universities because other societies see education as a human right.
Thanks, this really helped! Yes, I have looked at Trinity before, and will definitely research Bangalore. It's really nice to know that it is possible. Thanks!
i live in ireland and am goin to collage in london next september. I am goin to need to get a loan because collage in ireland is free but it costs alot in britain though less than america!! The reason im doing this is because my course is not avaible in ireland, im pursuing my dream and it makes me happy so just do whatever makes you happy!! Once its researched and thought out, everything shuld work out. UCAS is the application system you'll need and it helps just to check it out a little so you can understand better what you'll need to do in preperation. Its scary moving to another country were i wouldnt know anyone but its a jump im prepared to take :)

Hope this helps in some way :) xxxx
I should imagine going to uni here in the UK is waaaaaayyy cheaper than in America. Check out the UCAS site, there may be details for foreign students on there.
Thanks!!!! UCAS is a very good website :D
Its definitely possible. Especially considering you're a Freshman and still have plenty of time to earn a million and a half scholarships for college.

I haven't done it myself, but I would like too, I think that would be awesome.
Haha a million and a half is the plan XD


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