... Or are Americans way more patriotic than English people? Like, don't they say the Pledge of Alleigance every day ? If you asked any English kid to pledge allegiance to their country they'd fall about laughing.

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Yes, you are. It's a cultural thing, you've been brought up to be pround of America. Most of us Europeans haven't. In fact, because of the rise of Nazism and Fashism most of us tend to think Nationalism is dangerous.
@Übereil, I'm not American. Never set foot there, but as I spend half my life on the computer, and the other half with my nose in a book, I've talked to many Americans and read books about America written by Americans. I'm from England.
You keep living in denial!!!
@Übereil, was the 'living in denial comment' directed at me? If so, I have no idea what it means.
It was a joke. Forget it.
absolutely. abhorrent in fact for me.
Not just the English, but the entire world.
Hallo! Certified American here. We do, in fact say the Pledge of Allegiance every day. I have a theory as to why this is so. In the grand scheme of the world, the USA is a very, very young nation. Not even three-hundred years old. In the same way the young people tend to be more enthusiastic in general than older people, I believe that America is more patriotic than countries that have been around longer--like England.
There are already signs of decline in patriotism in the USA--citizens today trust the government less and less; fewer houses have flags out; people are becoming more and more cynical about "the land of the free and the home of the brave." We're...starting to grow up, as a nation, possibly.

Anyway, that's mostly speculation on my part; don't take it as fact.
Canada became a federation in 1867. Thats like, 140 years dawg. Every Canadian has an excessive amount of patriotism and the main reason we're proud to be Canadian is because we arent american. But we dont say a pledge of allegiance (dont think we have one) or w.e. We will sing the national anthem at school like once a week or so, but yeah. During sporting events or when ever an anthem is played, Canadians will sing it louder than americans would, guaranteed. The fact that Canadians have more patriotism is a weird statement since ours isnt forced, we want to be patriotic.
Canada is awesome =]=]
Which province do you live in, if you don't mind my asking? Here in B.C., the anthem (at least in school) was always reserved for special occasions (Remembrance Day etc.). As for Canadian patriotism... it exists? It might just be the rampant "multiculturalism" that's so prevalent on the west coast, but the only Canadian identity I've noticed is the lack thereof. Nonetheless, I'm glad to have been born here.
Well, I don't say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday. I probably haven't said it in 15 years. I'm not even sure that I remember the words... Let's see... Okay, so I do. Ah, good old fashioned indoctrination, proving it works everyday.


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