... Or are Americans way more patriotic than English people? Like, don't they say the Pledge of Alleigance every day ? If you asked any English kid to pledge allegiance to their country they'd fall about laughing.

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Like, don't they say the Pledge of Alleigance every day ?

Elementary Schools only (we like to brain wash our youth early). In my experience any ways. I don't know of too many High Schools that still say the pledge (of course, I could be wrong).

Other than that, I don't know of too many colleges/universities, workplaces, day cares, clubs, entertainment facilities, restaurants, or even family households, etc that ask one to say the Pledge. And, if you ask the average American out of high school, they probably haven't said the Pledge since they graduated.
Yeah, we still say it every morning at my school. I don't say it, but they do force you to stand to at least show respect.
Well then, pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now you can say that you know at least one American who does not say the pledge everyday.

Personally I don't see the need, nor do I have the desire, to pledge my allegiance to a nation. I would rather pledge my allegiance to a set of philosophies, ideologies, and the like. Of course, people change and I don't pretend to anyone that I'm going to continue to follow my same set of beliefs for the entire course of my life. If I do, then I do, but I'm not willing to make that statement... especially when we're talking about a government that will change into something that I will not stand for eventually (not just the American government, but all governments given enough time).
Yeah, I find Americans do tend to be alot more patriotic than people from England/ UK.
I mean, if we were told we had to say a pledge everyday in school, the workplace etc. people would be horrified, disgusted even. I guess its a cultural thing, America is still a young nation in the long run, and I guess it still needs that sense of togetherness as a nation to continue to be powerful? But, I would never pledge allegiance to any nation, it seems...controlling. I mean, to be honest its indoctrination isn't it?
No, this does not make us more patriotic.
Do you mean, saying the pledge doesn't make you more patriotic?


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