in August 2009 it was announced that John hopes to come to the UK in 'May of next year', so... soon...
is this still happening, if so, when and where...?

has anyone got info or should i just keep my eye on the latest videos...?

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I was told in the "UK nerdfighting party" forum that he's going to Edinburgh for a book festival on the 14th of August, and that he'll be visiting London sometime close to that date. I haven't found any further information, and I have no idea which date it will be... But "I've heard". :P
He's coming to London on august 14th and Edinburgh a couple of day after I think, I only pay attention to the one nearest me, but he said on livestream.
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From what i can remember John is going to be in Edinburgh for a book festival on the 14 or 15th of August. The other day he will be in London.

he hasnt given any more details yet but i'm sure he'll let us know.

Btw i wanted to go to the London date but im not sure if i'll be on holiday at the time. =(
Aaargh. I wanna know the exact date, now! Bad John for not telling us when to travel to London aaall the way from Sweden to see him! (Ok, it's not that far... But the plane tickets still get more expensive every day.)
thanks guys... i probably should've searched a bit harder before i posted this but, yeah, thanks... i'll probably be there, should be awesome...
He did a live video stream and announced he would be in London on the 14th August and Edinburgh on the 15th, however those are the only places he is going because he doesn't want to be away from Henry for too long.
I hope it's soon I been waiting for a year for this atleast. you know what would suck, if there is one but my parent won't let me go that would super suck.
He'll be in Waterstones Piccadilly on the 14th of August. You need to book tickets though which you can do by calling 02078512419.
BTOL, thanks a lot... i'll most likely be there...
can't wait...
I think theres going to be a gathering beforehand and then we're all making our way down to Waterstones. I think everyone is still trying to sort out the details for that. Just keep checking the UK Nerdfighting Party group, that's where it's all being organised.
Win... this sounds awesome... thanks...


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