i mean really im learning geometry and im in 8th grade


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Thank you. I was just thinking to myself, "You know what I need to do? Become incredibly depressed."


And you've helped me.

i know right i thought i was dumb but it turns out the classes are just getting harder

Do they get harder every year for you or is it just every other year?

No I meant requires a more evolved skill level

Yeah! The same thing happens in video games too! It's like every level requires me to be better at the game if I want to succeed. Its freaking messed up man.

Yes, yes it is.....

In my opinion it is. E.g. here in Germany we have to learn all the stuff one genartion before was taught in 13 years now in 12, because the politicians wanted us to. And I don't beliefe that my generation is any smarter than the one before ;)

I think history is a subject that tends to get harder as time passes, but other than that my opinion is that school is getting actually easier since teaching techniques are constantly beeing developed.

The thing that bugs me the most, about higher education at least, is that they tear it to pieces by cutting classes in order to save a little extra each year. But that's not the reason oh no, it's only for our own good you see. Apparently we need to learn to take responsibility for our own learning, which is true, but there ought to be limits I would think. Soon, within a generation or so, they'll probably have out-sourced the entire school to some Indian phone company...

I'm also in the 8th grade and,I think it is because, we  have all this new technology, and we are making even more advanced things now. Their is also competition between all the other countries, because people have this idea in their head that if we get behind that other countries will take over, or something of the sort.

So because of all that we need the future adults of America to be advance so we can take over and make new technology, weapons, and that we don't have to start all over again. They just need us to be prepared for the world; for us to be able to take over their places; make stuff better than the I-Pad and, all the other smarty stuff they have out there.

Each year...


Each generation!

... I give up, which is it?

If you mean that form 9th grade to 10th grade, yes it does get a little harder. It also gets longer. If you mean is it harder for 8th graders next year than it is for you, then I believe that it gets harder over a generation and not each year. It is possible for it to get harder in a year., if there is a scientific breakthrough or something. But teachers have a specific guideline that they have to use, they do not get to pick what to teach. The guideline might change to something harder, but it would probably happen over a generation, not a year.


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