would like to hear opinions. and if there is already a discussion on this please put the link below.

personally im not too sure.

on one hand im hearing that Iran and its leadership are a bunch of nutjobs who would strike Isreal had they the weapons (like a nuke) to do so. and that Isreal just wants to stop them from getting atomic capability.

other hand im hearing Iran jus wants Nukes to protect themselves from a strike from Isreal and you know the nuclear power efficiency thing. also that they invited i think it was America and Isreal to visit the country and facilities to talk but then something happened and they started cutting off stuff and now its getting intense. 

so is Isreal (government, i mean their military said it was a bad move) being a childish idiot? or justified in their desire land a "pre-emptive" strike on Iran?

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...I'm having trouble finding any information about this. When was the attack?

He's talking about the possibility of an attack.

It's spelled 'Israel'.  :)

I have friends in Israel.  Personally, if Iran gets nukes, I would be very very worried for their safety.

I think Ahmedinejad thinks way too much about Ahmedinejad to ever fire nukes at anybody. He just need 'em to rest well at night. As much as I hate his guts, I think Israeli government are behaving stupidly.

I think that Iran is waiting to get nukes before they will make a move. The problem is we are not entirely sure how close they really are, no one is really. Anyone who does know is not talking. In any case we cannot let Iran get a nuke. Iran is a monkey with a shotgun and they are trying to get there hands on a tank. We have two options, we can either convince them to stop attempting a nuke or we can "convince" them to stop being a threat. 

The first is more diplomatic, we use diplomatic agreements and other things to stop them from trying for the nuke. This is less likely to work because Ahmadinejad has not listened to diplomacy before and he is generally insane. He is the leader of Iran who thinks he is the leader of the world. It is not the people with power to worry about we can check them, it is the people who think they have more power than they do, that is Ahmadinejad. 

The second is we "convince" them mafia style. We threaten them with tanks and bombs. Then if they don't listen we invade Iran with tanks and bombs and explosions and you know we do what America has been doing since we realized we can effect the globe and not just out neck of the woods. We topple the existing regime and leave behind a half functioning democracy which then fails and we need to rinse and repeat in a few decades.  

I think that we need to decide with Israel what we are going to do. America needs to understand that Israel will be taking most of the retaliation. To help the people of Israel we need to do what ever we are going to do before Iran gets a nuke, because once they get a nuke they are going to turn parts of Israel into craters and then go on a power rampage killing thousands if not millions. So happy happy fun time stuff and the world moves one step closer to insanity. 


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