From the looks of it EVERYONE is being banned from the chat.  Fix this now, great and powerful oz ningmasters.

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WTF i toatsz agree. who did it? *points randomly*
Shut the fuck up, Kenny. Its not their fault and they cant just magically fix it. Calm down and go without the chat for a day, it will be good for you. Quit protesting every god damn mistake you think the ningmasters make.
or we could go with this. thats okay too.
Thanks for the love Petey. I can't believe how out of line I was, blaming the ningmasters for this.
omg please piss in my cereal.
thats just great. so now the chat will work.. right? -.-
*yawns* i dont give a fuck. teehee i wrote I dong at first. dong.

anyways. yeah whatevs. if its kuhi i call on a angry mob.. hahahahaha so lol
You kids are poofaces.
The ningmasters didn't "make a mistake".

Well thanks for calling me out on my bullshit, because clearly that is exactly what I said.

This is usually where I'd attempt to say something witty and make you feel silly, but it's 5 in the morning so I'm just gonna keep my talking points short and to the point: Go fuck yourself you piece of shit.
Then you should have replied to TBK, not the discussion.
Hey friends, TLSM is right, it wasn't the ningmasters, it was clearly the Jews who took our chat! Took all of our delicious chat and burried it in some Jew cave they built in the late 60s.. We need to find the cave and get our precious chat back!
secrets secrets. me and cait are taotsz talking about you nao. you bad person.. you. *flings poo*


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