I've decided I want to make as many friends on the Ning as I possibly can :)

So I thought this would be a good way to start!
And by friends, I don't mean just adding you to my little friends list... I want to get to know you guys! 

I'll start with a little bit about myself.

My name is Lisa, occasionally I'll go by Liz.
I'm 19, live in Colorado and am made of awesome.
I like Harry Potter, music, and all around fun things.
I work at Red Robin and a New Balance store. 
I kind of go to school, but I'm only taking one class this semester. Which is math for liberal art students.
and I don't like math that much... 
So, who are you?
How are you?

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Haha, happy early birthday! Where are you from, Kuhi? And how would you pronounce that?
What's youre' favorite Harry Potter character or book?
Wow, you've been all over! Where has been your favorite place so far?
I've pretty much only been to Colorado... and Wyoming.
NFL? XD I have the feeling you're not referring to the national football league...
That would make a lot of sense....
I can haz some of your friends. Don't worry, I won't kill them all.

You'd think killing people might make them like you but it doesn't. It just makes them dead...

Are you in college or still in high school?
You quoted AVPM! <3
I tried to use a more than slightly obvious but quite amusing quote. I see it was at least half successful.
hey i'm chrissy! I'm 16 & i live in pennsylvania. i love harry potter, music, and the ukulele. i'm unemployed but trying to find a job haha. i'm a junior in high schoool.
i never know what to type so i just followed what you said :3 haha
and im ok, i don't really feel all that good today. im going to have to quit physics narghh. not in a good mood today eitherr :\ haha so YEA hbu
What kind of ukelele do you play (and what style)?
I didn't get a job until I was almost 18.
I had a good friend from Pennsylvania :) He goes to Penn State now.
Why are you going to have to quit physics?
Hi Lisa!
My name is Morgan, but my friends call me Mo.
I am an identical twin, and my twin also just joined the site. Her name is Amber.
I am 16, and I am currently living in Washington with my mom, but I am moving back to my hometown Anchorage, AK after the school year is over (and I cannot wait)!
I also love Harry Potter and music, but I also love roller blading. (best form of transportation)
I don't have a job, I just go to school, but I am hoping to get a job as a barista over the summer. I love coffee!
Unlike you, I love math! And I want to be an environmental engineer, or possibly a chemical engineer.

That is pretty much my life. :)
Wow, you've got your goals set, man! Good job :) I wish I was that ready.
How long have you been in Washington?
Also, have you ever thought of being like, a roller girl? Since you like blading so much?
I've been wanting to do Derby for a long time now, but haven't gotten around to re-teaching myself how to skate fearlessly.


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