I've decided I want to make as many friends on the Ning as I possibly can :)

So I thought this would be a good way to start!
And by friends, I don't mean just adding you to my little friends list... I want to get to know you guys! 

I'll start with a little bit about myself.

My name is Lisa, occasionally I'll go by Liz.
I'm 19, live in Colorado and am made of awesome.
I like Harry Potter, music, and all around fun things.
I work at Red Robin and a New Balance store. 
I kind of go to school, but I'm only taking one class this semester. Which is math for liberal art students.
and I don't like math that much... 
So, who are you?
How are you?

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Hey Liz, I'm Naomi. I live in the Twin Cities(MN) and I'm 13. I love webcomics, . I spend WAAAAY more time online than I should. I sadly love Grey's Anatomy. I write stories about detectives, soldiers (PTSD and Phantom Limb Syndrome fascinate me), and things generally supernatural. I shamelessly love all things Lewis Carrol. I like steampunk a lot. I'm going to high school next year, and it'll essentially be a fresh start for me, which I like.

I don't know any other real nerdfighters. Whenever I say DFTBA at school people just file it under 'Naomi being crazy again'. I love making crazy references. Nobody understands what I'm talking about most of the time. I speak French. I LOVE YURI

Some of my fave musicians are Yoav, Blitzen Trapper, and Bat For Lashes. It would be awesome if you knew who any of these guys are.
I agree with you that it would be awesome if I knew who those bands were, but seeing in how I don't I'm going to look them up. :)
What kind of supernatural type things are you into? Like ghosts or aliens? I like to believe in ghosts...
Sorry, life got sort of crazy for a while *coughHistorydaycough*. What I write is mostly about people mysteriously getting superpowers and what they do with them. Right now my project thing is a semi-comic that's a sort of my rendition of Pulp Fiction. Low-rent hitmen and for-hire thieves make for teh funnyness.
Hey Lisa! We met already!

Hi everyone else! I'm Derek, and there's all sorts of nifty stuff about me on my page.
He *is* pretty nifty. I suggest chattin' him up :)
hey its nice to get someone who is searching for some friends cuz i am doing the same.
I am basil from india.
I do like harry potter and twilight also though i dont do a lot of reading
u can know me better if u watch my profile
so looking forward to hear from u.
hope we will be good friends
I think it's a lovely idea to become good friends!
How did you happen upon Vlogbrothers?
(I suppose thats as good of place as any to start!)
Hola! I'm Stephanie. I'm 20.
I'm from a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul, so I'm another Minnesnowtan...I noticed there are a couple that replied earlier. I go to college in North Dakota though...not only am I one of the few who went to that particular neighboring state, I am also one of the few who went to a small college. My HS had over 2,000 people, whereas my college has just over 1,000. I like it though, I feel like I know almost everyone.
I am also a bit of a Harry Potter fan. The strange part is, I refused to read the books at first. I started the 1st because my mom, brother and sister pushed me to...but I didn't get past the first few chapters. Then, years later I was at the MOA for the midnight release of the 6th book. By then I had seen and enjoyed the movies, but still not read the books. However, when we got back to one of the person's houses she said that they were going to stay up as long as possible reading the new book (they were careful not to have any major outbursts that would give things away), and if I was there I needed to be reading HP as well. So she went up and got the 1st book, I started reading, and I've been a fan ever since. In fact, pretty quickly I was even more into the HP world than all the rest of my family that had read the books. I honestly think I had symptoms of withdrawal (restlessness, agitation, anxiousness, irritation) when I finished the 6th book because there was no more to read.
As I said, I go to school in ND. I'm majoring in Spanish and Cross-cultural Communications, along with minors in International Studies and Leadership. I'd like to do something in international relations or community development, though the two can go hand in hand. Whatever I do, I'd like to be able to travel for work. After all, one of my life goals is to visit every country at least once! Oh, and I'm actually studying in Pamplona right now. I've been here since September and want to stay until los San Fermines. Then, if possible, head straight to VidCon after that.
As far as music, I'm alright with almost anything, but barbershop is my favorite. OC Times is an amazing quartet, and I highly suggest checking them out.
Anyway, I hope that wasn't too long and boring, and even if it was that you are having a lovely Saturday!
Thank you! My Saturday was... pretty uneventful haha. I worked and now am sitting at home, tired and about to read some of 13 Little Blue Envelopes.
And I'm just like you with Harry Potter.
I didn't read it until all the books were out but once I did, I got hard core obsessed.
I was so excited at the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

I hope you can make it to VidCon! I'm going to try to go too. It'll be the first time I've ever really been out of state before.
I think the most exciting thing for me about Harry Potter was that the books grew up as I did. I read the first one (I believe) when I was 11, and each in consecutive there after. I basically grew into the books, reading them constantly afterwards while I waited for others books to catch my immediate fancy.


Everyone, this is my best friend ever in the entire world ever. Her name is Rachel. She's completely insane, needs friends on here TOO and obviously loves Boosh. And Doctor Who.


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